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To move chris jones but not losing the ability to steal rush the passer from the inside which is really really important and what i think you'll steer on in those obvious passing downs like certain six or longer. I think you'll see chris. Jones kickback inside. I think you'll still see that. I think you'll see jared and chris jones inside with taco charlton probably on one side and frank clark on the other and that is had some damn good. Pass rush potential there. I mean talk oh charleston. I know people might laugh at this. He was good for the chiefs last year. When he was healthy he looked like he was potentially going to have remember that emmanuel ogbah season a couple years ago that the chiefs got About to see that out a taco charlton he had to saxon his seven. Healthy games for the chiefs. Along with four quarterback hits i. It's not out of the realm of possibility. You get a seven eight sack season this year from taco charlton. Yeah he was cool. That's spread the good. He was he was cool. As as a situational pass rushing it was cool. But you're gonna expect I mean he was the first round to you would like to see the guy that the dallas draft for. You would like to see that. But i mean he's going to certainly have opportunities especially a frankish. Now philip pig on frank clark and i really don't mean to that a little bit but but anyway he's gonna have. Opportunities cassettes is held. It may be his job especially in passing downs. But they should get better but overall but but your bigger point is like that has to be a point of emphasis. They can't just just give up as many touchdowns they were given up in the red zone. I mean and i and i think part part of that is lack of maybe focus at times and they and they the she's where the king of flip the switch on and off whenever we want to own a a play serious so we'll get stopped and we need to. They gotta they should have a little bit more focused so it doesn't look that bad. I think last year they had too many of the same guys. I i think we looked at that coming. I think we looked at it coming into the season as positive the whole back thing and i think it ended up being a little bit of a negative because all of those guys saw in twenty nineteen season when of course patrick mahomes comes back from the injury they ended up going to the super bowl winning against forty niners. They saw they could turn it on. All they needed was healthy pat and when it gets to the playoffs and then even in the playoffs once they turned it on in the second or third quarter. It was over game over. Nobody could play with them. I think they saw that and they felt like okay. We can turn this. We can turn the flip this switch whenever we need you couldn't they were good enough last year eventually. Got to the point where you can't just continue to do this every week and think you're going to get away with it and i think this year you have enough of an influx of new talent especially with a guy like jarran reed who i think is gonna comedian immediately. Come in as a starter. I think you've got some new blood on the roster. That's gonna help this team kind of pushed to that next direction. This d. line has to step up. I think the linebackers you mentioned. It should have better speed and better flow to go from sideline to sideline so yeah. It's hard to get worse. Yes especially from fifty three. But i i just as we said last year indefinitely this year they just got two good players over there to to suck to be not just bad right but all time bad right all time bad like they were in the red zone. They got good players to do that. Did you hear anthony hitchens by the way so. He lost a little weight. This offseason he's slimming. Now i'm not even gonna. I'm nugget on bill there. Gonna no tony twenty hitching a mean. He's showing up at me it. he's somebody he's about to take a walk out of that contract yet. letcher year. ninety. You got one more. You nick bulletins here for man. He's gotta learn he's gotta learn for a year. I i will say this okay. Something else something else. You need to learn how to take notes apparently because Anthony hitchens said. He's not a big note taker. Which kind of problematic you you kind of need to do that as a as an nfl football player but neither here nor there One thing. I did hear from bags today. That concerned me a little bit. He said that. Nick bolton willie gay or kind of swimming right now in the defense. I don't wanna hear that about young players. If there's one thing i like hearing it's what i heard from the offensive line coach earlier today. About crete humphry. He said he's really smart. He's taking the offense very quickly. he's he has an understanding of the offense right away man. I really would have liked to have heard that about nick. Bolton linebacker hear you. But i can at least accepted for him. I forgot what will a gay is swimming for. Willie you've been here. You know what that sounds like. Eh sounds like old that sounds like that. Sounds like good markets robinson oh demarcus robson who eat. Demarcus swam for about three and a half years. He could pick up that offense. He struggled like hailed to understand the often. So and willie gay is. He's going to be somebody you depend on so you hope you hope to god that he is able to get to get this together and and understand this because he's obviously got a lot of talent in flashes of so so he he better get it together. I can accept it from rookie. Not not bill. Gay he's one of their biggest swing players this year give. You're looking for guys that if they if they hit their potential this season It can change the trajectory of what the team's gonna be willing gays right up there. He he is the true. Modern linebacker runs a four five. Four six forty. He's super athletic. He plays downhill. He should be an every down linebacker for him. They drafted him to be that but if he's not we've got some issues linebacker once again this year and he's got.

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