Joe Biden, Ukraine, President Trump discussed on Guy Benson


Hooray the guy who represents us as a nation may have done something bad. he may have a finally it's okay if we catch him for being this is an impeachable offense I'm sorry Biden and Obama are going to be retroactively I guess not in trouble because they're already done right we're nothing's gonna happen but it did have Parker see is pretty large so the situation here is trump had a call with Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelinsky. right before that call he had put on hold a two hundred fifty million dollar package that would have been sent to Ukraine I'm assuming to try to encourage a certain amount of action I'm probably a mix of things from U. N. funding to I don't know whatever else we try to forge you trained to do investigating Joe Biden wops maybe we should have asked him to investigate hi but the whole point is Joe Biden did something kind of similar with the former president of Ukraine during his tenure they threatened a billion dollar package to get them to actually lay off the lead prosecutor in Ukraine who at that time was investigating a company that was working with Joe Biden's son. now I I'm not saying that what trump did isn't inherently an impeachable offense but if it is. Joe Biden can't be president at all no he would be toast right and so we're gonna jump back to the story we still haven't seen the transcript yes it is going to be released today so there are some Democrats who are a little frustrated with Nancy Pelosi that she didn't wait a day for this transcript to come out because there's a chance there and I I think about this yesterday then we'll get into the idea what if the whistle blower is within trump administration what if the whistle blower is a is a trump plants and they are are whistling their own blow. actually I haven't thought about it that way but it's it's not just a whistleblower it's a guy who heard the whistle blower talking right it's secondary whistleblower well it's a main whistle blower but they heard somebody else talking about what they are with the blowing off either way here is Nancy Pelosi announcing impeachment.

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