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The rain is now with president trump spent well over an hour talking about all kinds of subjects to a loyal audience in suburban pittsburgh tonight any unveiled is slogan for his reelection campaign key gray exclamation point keep america he also promised to build the border wall said he'd love to run against oprah said he believes that kim jonghoon will keep his word and not test missiles until they meet he praised countries that execute convicted drug dealers and called california congresswoman maxine waters a low iq individual police in pomona california say officers dead the other is expected to live after the two were shot by a man who is holed up inside an apartment for about sixteen hours the suspect under arrest time to worry about time as we spring ahead to daylight saving time overnight experts say the best way to adjust for work monday used it tough it out tomorrow and do not take an app farmrich johnson and i'm susanna palmer from bloomberg world headquarters traders and investors don't let your guard down when it comes to volatility that according to jeff regan lack who says the vicks may not be sending an all clear signal for the markets glenn lack the billionaire bond manager whose chief executive officer of double line capital said on twitter late friday that the markets are at an important crossroads but he said he was sceptical that volatility was over for now on twitter president trump made his thinking on tariffs a little more clear today he says if the eu drop superiors and tariffs on us products going in we will likewise drop hours big deficit if.

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