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Road the Stevenson's slow Veterans Memorial tollway. Decaf, also at Harlem the drive from fifty. Five traffic outbound slowing freely and this traffic report is being brought to, you by Cook County treasurer. Attention Cook County homeowners Cook County, property taxes are due August I you can. Pay for free at Cook. County treasurer dot com no lines, no stamps no checks no. Cash easy simple so you can get on with. Your day paper free Cook County treasurer, dot com that's. Cook County treasurer dot com I'm Nikki, and the show with traffic on the one oh three This summer with the. Hottest, concerts Shirley One, zero, three Summer The United Center DJ in hosted. By the microphone Get your tickets at TicketMaster dot com or, by phone of, eight hundred seven four or five three thousand United Three dot. Com The sentence Festival Douglas Comparable You don't wanna miss This free music festival Cheer and enjoy the. Concert for, more info, visit Chicago west side. Music festival dot com everybody is AC. Green eight years ago I. Couldn't pay my mortgage I, almost lost a house but the lawyers say my situation and they can save your, call the, number, seven, seven, three four seven, six, nine, thousand, seven, seven, three four seven six nine thousand.

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