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Do criticizing our our existing republican governor. And not just criticizing but also achieving those results achieving those winds on police reform on vaccine equity on criminal justice reform that translate into real results films lives so in our remaining time. You know i. I'm listening to listening to the agenda. I'm thinking about the moment. This is a staggeringly complex moment to lead a state Between one hundred year pandemic our reckoning was systemic racism income inequality the issues that you laid out what comes first in terms of issue tackle. However you want to answer that. Well i think that the imperative before us and also the good news is that we can't. We should not limit ourselves to choosing one issue to work on at a time. One because we're better than that in massachusetts we we can walk and chew gum in massachusetts at the same time. We have a ton of talent here in the commonwealth theon. We you know medical talent. Technological talent education talent Creativity and had a lot of resources. We've gotten ourselves into the of scarcity mindset but in fact we are the very wealthy state and so we have the building blocks that we need to Confront these issues head on and again you know not nibble around the edges and not put our head in the sand and you know sort of hide from these problems and then i said good news right. Is that when we tackle one. We are often tackling another at the same time right when we tackle our transportation infrastructure and we get ambitious about building twenty-first-century infrastructure. We are also tackling in an aggressive way climate. Change right which we do. We need to be aggressive. It's an existential threat to our our planet and certainly to our state and so we can but we can't feed two birds with one hand. They're same thing again with education equity in education justice when we get that right. We're taking huge bites out of income inequality out of housing instability out of racial racial inequality in racial injustice in our state..

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