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And weather on the 8 to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center Thanks Stephanie Good morning northbound GW Parkway got some good news for you here It looks like the work zone that was on that ramp that took you to the inner loop has cleared looks like you're no longer going to see those flashing orange lights on the far right hand side As of now you should be just fine headed onto the beltway Outer loop of the beltway still dealing with that accident scene on that takes you on the ramp to three 95 north bound They're still blocking the far left lane You should have a single right lane getting you by as you try to make your way onto three 95 I 95 looks good from the Springfield interchange through woodbridge Stafford and down towards Fredericksburg of course you've got your long-standing work zone down near plank road not much has changed there You still have that same traffic pattern You're not going to see any delays through that area though 66 is quiet There was a disabled vehicle there route 50 Looks like that was quickly taken care of In Maryland similar story there is a disabled vehicle layer just past route 50 Looks like it was quickly moved to the shoulder though so it's not going to slow you down any Northbound route one has those same work crew utility work being done there between Pontiac street and Quebec street they're blocking the far right lane stay to the left Also if you're headed through or along Georgia avenue between Cameron street and spring street they got to work crew out there as well a single left lane is what's getting you by there I do 70 is quiet from Frederick all the way down towards the beltway if you're doing any traveling tonight headed up towards Hagerstown I 70 looks good as well and just for funsies 81 looking good as well Between the ways I 95 BW Parkway look good and route 50 is quiet from the beltway out towards the bay bridge standard traffic patterns across the bay bridge tonight tulane's take you on the eastbound side and three take U.S. bound I'm Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Doug camera We've got a cold start to the work week but temperatures are going to moderate pretty quickly First off though your.

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