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Don't even worry about it, but I just want to bring a fact that Steve complained about the idea. No, I'm still I'm still hammering ahead. Sure. You said you complain about saying predator eighty seven yet you say Batman eighty nine to me ten times a day. Yes, that's fair. But that's just saying. All right Senator right said with Evie bam in one or does the Adam west film count is great film counts for nothing and fuck all bring the legislation back to your committee back another day. Just say there's some old man. Well, well, mother, the ARL Schwarzenegger movies back in theaters. I saw the predator. That's that's the one. I think your whole thing has to go back to formula by the way. I think we should also mention movie well yet to get back to this film for second we are talking about the uncut version. Oh, right. I'm guessing for violence and not for brilliant fucking dialogue. So this movie picks up right with the last one ended, which is right. The last shot. The very last shot is a Dale, which we're calling the prevailing, which wacky all kill ourselves. Now that on the is that in the in the trivia? Yes. Yes. Read about that. Yeah. So it's the chest Burster comes out of a predator's body at the opening of the film. It was, I guess, the titular predator of the last VP is scar act hopefully stop. I can't. I suffer another movie of naming I know at the name of this predator. And it's so annoying to tell you which one the prevail, Ian, the one, the main, the main on this film also, by the way, why is it prevail? Ian. Why can be like Zeno tour Zena tours. That sounds like he's got a horse legs or he's he's zender. He represented predator district. Like why? So you're telling me that throughout all aliens history. I've been seeing what would be a Zena more mixed with human. Okay, I understand that. Yeah, but can like, can they like lay an egg and a deer? Can I see. Zeno more threes, third, dog, predator sort of. I don't remember predator dog alienates in the third aliens. Yeah, no, there isn't. This movie where there's an alien situation because there's a dog that fucking. Yeah, but you're right? Yes. Thank you. The fincher move in the fincher movie. Dog rips apart and then there's a, it's a different alien because it's the idea that acts like any other. Yeah. So this movie's way smarter than I thought the predator. I mean, literally, it's just an alien with those those choppers a little bit. It's pretty much the same thing. It's got better posture than Zeno, and that's it probably does better with -nology if you if it had the chance, it looks like a bobblehead though yet it's among its funding head. That Mellon does not meet the rest of the bodies. Totally. Chris. Irish, you could see by a large headed prevail, Ian, not being able to hold its own headway, which is pretty delightful and accurate. I, I was kind of surprised it didn't happen. Here's the to subservient aliens that needed polls to help this fucker walk around. Here's the thing as much as I'm a guy and everybody at home knows this. I m a stickler for practical f. x. whenever possible, he was the mound. That was stickler for practical. But here's the problem in this movie, a lot of the Zeno more and I guess the prevail Ian included here. They are clearly too much just people in suits..

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