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Second chair stuff is is research caitian and maintaining certification and things like that i'm talking about you know you've got to be the pilot in command for 1500 hours you've got to be in the left seat are as of now that now the airlines get the save money because they're not pain of fully licensed pilot did oh yes after unsafe line empty chair empty airplanes they fly trainers i mean they're the the airlines have 737 750 73 twenty that their pilots fly to to learn how to fly to practice i i mean look technology is increasing here we're when you talk to pilots when you read um what the fa putting out on this they think that the simulators are good enough in found india's comments is like look this is the starting point i'm up to negotiate this but were were coming up on a pilot shortage we need pilots we need to do something about it and just like the the left shutdown without a disc gushing it berkeley of free speech week it might be shut down a hearing this week on healthcare they're shutting down the discussion over this this is the united states senate is meant for no basis this is nonsense oh shut down a free speech week is nonsense a senator proposing an amendment eight eight thousand dollars insecurity for milo as nonsense to but that's a whole completely separate discussion and nobody's tried to shut down the discussion what what we have here is the airlines on one on the one hand but by the way the 1500 ours is the vast majority that time is not paid for or even done by the airlines most than these pilots who come in with 5000 our so the qualify for for a for a for a commercial licence got their time most mostly in the military you know and i mean you you get you talking about a pilot shortage you want to do where the polish leaders due to things go back to pain pilots good wages number one you'll have a whole lot of people want to be pilots and number two uh dial back on you our massive military all.

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