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Administration this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease developments in the investigation of the bombing in the nerve forced recruitment centre in oklahoma usa's chris barnes reports 30s arresting ben roden on tuesday afternoon in tulsa in comes after someone placed a pipe bomb after recruitment centre in bigs be oklahoma late on monday night the explosion damaging the front door of the center noone was injured fbi special agent jesse rice saying that they have backed off on labelling it possible domestic terrorism but saying they still take the case very seriously especially for hit on our military padded them paid he also asked yet this is something that we do not take lightly i'm chris barnes some mona's going on a paint ball shooting spree in san diego and jason kam padania has the table who live in one san marcos neighborhoods say they woke up monday morning to green guru across the front door of their homes and car windows there are also pose online from another neighborhood of hugh miles away saying they were hit as well police say the vandal or vandals hit at least six homes in the area but the shooter remains a mystery investigators are only saying that they're looking for one dark sedan followed by another dark sedan i'm jason kam padania san diego no major league baseball action tonight as they recover bring come last night's extra inning allstar game for the details at usa radio dot com yuban listening to usa radio news and i'm.

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