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Need our windy city vra experience vr virtual reality we'll put you there without the hassle of actually being there and say no more my friend let me strap on those windy city vr mask out owl era this kind of thai i now lead ally any reality league in delay now we just fired up with our exclusive bluetooth controller now cash and we put in the password up c h uck yard there oh oh i'm gonna be say an army where we're the framework there is now glass between you and i got one hundred three story three avendano no no no no the via vr experiencing actually control you're descending you can lance blue lake michigan vickers do something all righty humans just eight yards lucid bay vr sickness banner okay i got on air najat that was real is what you mean beta sickness bag well we're here king on it what's there you go well here's a dry cleaning voucher o'hare you've asked whether she had a quirion sharks if you prepared it's an experience he allows soon our gadgil the windy city vr check us out on facebook ads these city vr a navy pure fairest will never be the same oh my god timasoara.

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