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Third Lebron really set the table for everything. These guys are doing including Davis as great as a player as Davis is great. Other player Davis says, excuse me what bronze the Guy He's the engineer you set the table whole group. Won't two thousand, seven I took a position when they played Lebron the cavs swept took a Tim Duncan. It was like Peckham I. Think I wanNA say for MVP. And Tony Parker ended up winning, which was outrageous for anyone who watched the series and stuff his numbers were there but it was. It was a I got robbed but that's the risk you take. When you don't take the favorite series anyways I hope people jumped online is one fifty I hope people jumped on minus two dollars even after. Game One I thought that was the best play. Once game one with the injuries got more confident. Lakers win the series so. What can give Miami credit was going to say Miami some credit they've really hung in this series another down three games to one. But they've made the Lakers earned this and that's been without drudge with out of bio for most of the series I give a lot of Credit Erik Spoelstra I get a lot of credit to the the Miami Heat players they've made the Lakers earned this title I know they haven't won it yet, but they've made the Lakers earn it with very banged up roster and they deserve a lot of credit. Right I mean, it's three games to launch. So it's a commanding lead, but heat were down to three minutes to go Butler at a short corner three he misses Lebron James. Leads, the break case EP corner three innings instead of down. One legs are five with two forty ago, and I was the game. So this could variously to I actually like, Miami, a lot plus the seven now lebrons eighteen eighteen of nineteen close out games I just think the Lakers. Did in game four, the intensity on defense fighting through all those dribble handoff. To Robinson. And Hero and even Butler I just thought it was excellent excellent teen defense and there was a sense of urgency on the Lakers that you get off a loss that I'm not sure you're GONNA get off a win with a team of three one. So I would look to the heat plus seven. Could help the Lakers having this extra day off and usually the playoffs. You have these long breaks and they haven't really got that this year which you would hurt the Lakers because they're older team the NBA playoffs haven't been nearly as spaced out of the normal your but this time for game five, they do get the two full days off. So I think that should definitely help Lebron and some of the guys that are more veterans on the Laker team. MIAMI. Much younger team than L. A. Obviously Yeah. No I'm right there with you I I wish I had sifted out with the Lakers having. Four adult last seven, four games last seven days including game for. That was that was my bad on that. The under was the nuts play on that. So all right. So we got at least one more NBA game. And a NFL returns tonight. The overs continue to cash even though you guys had seven or eight games in the fifties last week, overs continue to cash. Eight and five by my calculations last week could be wrong there. But definitely more overs and unders again, it's now thirty, seven, twenty, four. to the over so far how are you guys handling? Are you just getting an onslaught of over my? Or you're setting tolls higher would be the first thing you do. Yeah. We're getting. We're getting an onslaught of over money it really only it really only hurts you big time when when it has these primetime games and I think we talked about it last week. How that the chiefs Raymond's game week three going under sake kind of saved our week in. A, lot of ways. But yeah when these prime time games high profile primetime game goes over like Green, Bay world's The Sunday night game that we crush on that game but all you can do is raise your number's up and I'm looking at it right now and I see a whole bunch of fifty, seven, fifty, four, fifty, five, four, and a half. These are not the NFL total that we grew up north. I.

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