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Six six five zero five four six two six as we continue our discussion about the resignation of Nikki Haley abrupt at least in terms of its public announcement. Although the president says he's known about this now for several months, and this will not take effect until the end of the year but coming as it does just a few weeks before the midterm elections. The timing certainly is to say, the least interesting Peter van Voorhis joins us economist and political strategist contributor for the Washington Examiner and Peter good to have you with us tonight. Great freely. Jim your take on this. Were you surprised as apparently everybody else except for the president? You know? I was surprised I didn't see it coming. But I don't think it's the president surprise. You know, I think alien the president while they have had a conflict. I think they you have a good relationship. I think Trump, obviously as we can tell speech today. It was very very proud of Nikki Haley at work, as and you know, from Nikki's position, I think residing how kind of makes sense. One eight six six five zero JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six th the timing, of course, in relation to the midterms with some degree of instability, certainly for the first half of the of the first term of the Trump administration more than than the average administration in terms of turnover. And of course, continued speculation about names like Jeff Sessions, attorney general and his deputy, rod Rosenstein. It does seem as though this could have waited until November seventh. Yeah. You know, it does seem that it could have waited my only guess is potentially. They see it as something to basically kind of ride the cavenaugh Wade out because think about this. You know, the cavenaugh wave is definitely gonna galvanized Republican voters, but we have four weeks until the midterm election. So I think that if we can basically have more of an idiot by talking about, you know, who's gonna replace Nikki Haley, and essentially talk about harass that's gonna keep I think the Democrats away from a centrally getting to harping cavenaugh will still alive Republicans to turn up, you know, especially the base. Let's talk to Randi who calls in from Springfield, Missouri. Good evening. Randy. Yes, sir. And your other radio, what's on your mind? Reading. Yeah. Earlier this year. She's she said she called Donald Trump that she was going to resign by the end of the year that she was done, right. Five or six months ago? So I don't know what the big hubbub is will the hubbub, I guess would be that this administration does not need any more signs of instability. And it could have waited until after the election. I think that's the main thing that I see why why announce it now granted it's not a major factor. I'm sure the casting of a vote by most people, but but politics is made up of little factors. This could await it. I just it seems rather odd that that they had to announce it now in the middle of one of the more important midterm election campaigns in US history. That would be my feeling Peter. Yeah. I understand that. Yeah. Yeah. It all makes sense. Now that you said that well, I mean. I mean, that's the thing to me it, it doesn't make sense. That's that's why I'm I'm I'm having trouble understanding that Peter anything about this. At least based on what we know anything about this that that couldn't have waited. Sure, you know, I'm not saying that it couldn't have waited again. I think at this point. Yeah. Eight ten twelve hours after the now's it is really just rank speculation. I mean as far as kind of prominence ability. I I will say that people certainly don't like the turnover at the top not that the turnover is excessively unprecedented. But it is. It's higher than average is higher than average. But I think the fact that she's willing to stay on for a few more months. It's not like she's like, hey, I'm resigning next week. Kennedy reputation. It's a lot different than that. Yep. Your take if you could give us a on the Trump foreign policy today. And as we noted a bit with our previous discussion with Ben Freedman. It does seem like the president who campaigned pretty much as a very anti Leo conservative has at times moved more in that direction. Not the least of which our our moves in Syria. And of course, the naming of John Bolton to the the inner of White House circle is it's a little hard on this. As of course, on a number of other issues to depend this president down in in terms of just what it is. He believes. Yeah. You know, I do agree with you on that. I will say though that if you are going to try and the president down you can pin him down by the people that are out there. So we've seen essentially Neo Conway grow and be more. Anti-globalists winged. It Steve Bannon weighing type of the White House diminish as far as their influence, so you can essentially precursor with the policy will be by the personnel are one eight six six five zero JIMBO one eight six six five zero five four six two six wondering about possible names that we? Can Mitch and in terms of a replacement? Of course, the president himself has floated one name is said to be on the list of of five shortlists names. A former White House advisor Dina Powell the president praised US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell. As a person who will do a great job. Although he likes him where he is as ambassador to Germany any other thoughts that you have as regards. The possible direction. This might might signal will Tina Powell is obviously the main header the fact that he said specifically, she is on the short list, and you know, it's her name would ideally say that she's the leading candidate. I mean other people that he did mention is the current ambassador. Russia's Jon Huntsman, then acting under secretary for public policy and public affairs, Heather our so those are two other people, you know, we don't know who the entire shortlists. Although Rick Grenell is not currently on that short list. But there's always can't change. So it's certainly something that you know, I think he's been expecting. And I think he's just kind of waiting to announce it a little while this adventure. Not because I don't think he essentially you need to basically float these names out. I think he knows that he's going to pretty much decide. Yes. To try the court of public opinion, these days is you and I both know. Well, that's true. Yeah. That's that's one aspect of this job that he certainly does seem to have down, Pat. I will continue. Yeah. Peter van various columnist. Political strategists contributor for the Washington Examiner..

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