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How much was that difficult for you three west pointers stuff stuff? But I'll persevere. Thank you. Yeah. This is science. Let's go to the science. So one of my favorite thing about any sporting event is trash talk. I'm a big cornhole player myself. And that's where I excel is just talking trash on everybody. So I love it. I am not actually going to talk. But I love seeing the signs of the different events and army navy. This'll be my third year going, but I feel like the signs are always so good. No. I wrote up a list of ones that I've seen over the years, and maybe Google it online and chaps. I was wondering if you could read some of the signs that navy people have held and cons. If you could read some of the sign army cadets have held I'd love to army swims in the shallow end, maybe has small decks. How army plays tetris? It was a sign that looked like this. These are the only tetris shapes. I guess lots of ELS. No one played navy as a kid. Down that one's good. That's true. That's true. It hurts so many plays marines. You that's best. I'm sorry to hear that. We're we'll delete that part from there. Armie soft. Okay. All right. I see what you did. You know? Maybe use Internet Explorer those probably some army nerd who came up without. Yeah. Army is scared shitless, that's thunk. Doesn't sting a navy eats pizza with a fork army shoots blanks. Somebody with a vasectomy. I take special exception. I understand well, navy's defense show those more than any of the buttons on any of your shirts. And now that's just that shaming fat. Shame on the show. Army's defense leaves more open spots than the one on Connor's head show. I don't want to do. All right. All right. All right. Let's let's move on. I think I will say one of my favorite aspects about the podcast is because although and CEOs in the Marine Corps can bust officers ball's a little bit. I have so much more leeway now to say, whatever I want to constant I in uniform, and it's beautiful. There's definitely no like pulling rank for me. I can't pull ranking up right because I do want to some. Yeah. Imagine. All right. So one of our favorite things to do on. The pot is do a little bit of hypotheticals. We do have to keep it a little bit cleaner. And I just wanna give myself especial shutout. No F bombs. Yeah. Thank you for not yet. My surprise it. I still can't do that. Yeah. So the hypothetical that we want to do today. Imagine yourself you're in Hawaii. Would you take this? You're in Hawaii you live in a mansion one of the ones that they would show on Netflix now on the destination houses, you have any car that she want to you have you have people who work at your house private chef made you have the whole nine yards. The only caveat is you always always always have to wear whatever branches service that you were in service alpha uniform. So the long sleeve wool constantly, even when you shower you have to wear it. When you get out of the shower you have to be back into a new dry uniform within five minutes every day for the rest of your life. You can live in this place in Hawaii unlimited amount of money. You only have to wear service office at all times..

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