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Dollars and then if you really wanna get crazy star legend may six of nineteen is doing a sixtynine repositioning cruise from tokyo to short at alaska from sixteen hundred and ninety nine dollars so it was may six of nineteen but it's always a good idea to you know kind of get an idea what's available and and make plans early so i was going to just mentioned so there you go again saying what should be said is make your plans as early as you can to get the best deals correct yeah absolutely all right one final one and you got one minute okay well if you really want to go off the deep end number winstar is offering an opportunity to do seven night cruise on wind spirit which is one of the sales ships and that is tahiti riot bora bora or a instead of paying ninety three ninety nine per person they've got pricing from four thousand ninety nine and you know every time i think of the heat drawl they wind up in hawaii i told told that these cruises on both windstar and paul gauguin yeah are among the most delightful experiences you'll have in your life told me that they go down every year they just love it down there all right now here's what you wanna do to find information go to it's not even on here we need.

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