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Richardson. I mean, they're fine, but they're not my responsible somehow for this. They're doing it right now running gag that Josh falls flat every time. Richard, he's laying some pipe. All right. Making love right now? And I hope he's just giving it to him. I'm extremely uncomfortable at propane tank. Anything going on in the world of sports. That's trailer rocking. Umpire, Larry van over, is being evaluated for a concussion. He was concussed and a couple of other injuries at a hospital he got hit in the head with a relay throw during a major league baseball game yesterday. Oh, that's between the Yankees and The Guardian. 67 year old van over was knocked down by the throw from guardians all star second based on Andres Yemenis. She married a he married Andrea fist who hyphenated her name. So now she's Andrea van over fist. Very nice. I like that very much. That was good. Van over is being checked for head injury. Despite the fact he keeps saying, well, someone answered the door. He's expected to be hospitalized overnight. Plate umpire, Chris cuccione, told a pool reporter van over had a large knot on his head. I bet. You ever have a knot on your head. You're not on your. Do you ever pull a knot in Willy's tail? You ever do that? Isn't that a saying? What? I'm gonna pull a knot in your tail. Yeah. What? I haven't heard that. No. I have never heard that. I don't know what that means. Better straighten up, I'm gonna pull it out in your tail. Get your belt, huh? Oh, yeah. You spank you with a belt? No. Do you need a safe house? No. Are you sure? No. Blank if you need if you need us to help you. Know everything is okay. I understand. Lloyd bucher doing Morse code on the Pueblo. Sorry, obscure historical fact. The importance of knowing Morse code. Oh, yeah, the blinking thing, sorry, yeah. Thanks to the pitch clock, the action is moving much, much faster at Major League Baseball games. It also means a little less time. For beer. To fight that time crunch, at least 14s, Diamondbacks, rangers, twins, brewers, of course. Have extended alcohol sales through the 8th inning this season. Wow. Others like the Marlins mets still have 7 cutoffs, but have it ruled out some changes may be coming. Totally makes sense to me. Said Tom, lionheart, who was sipping on a beer. Tuesday night before the brewers Diamondbacks Chase field. Since the games are shorter. They've got to adjust to get your beer. Teams historically have stopped selling alcohol after the 7th inning.

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