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Tell us from Washington on Chuck Todd this is Chuck Todd tasked it's been a another One of those weeks in Washington on the one hand news continues to come out of the impeachment investigation the latest is that the beautiful perfect transcript of president. Trump's phone call with Ukrainian Presidents Alinsky process trying to take aim at the Republicans best defense these days meanwhile congress trying to show that it can walk and Chew Gum at the same time with major hearings in the last few days from people who are thankful for impeachment including the CEO of Boeing and the CEO facebook Mark Zuckerberg both of them did get hammered capital In both of whom are thanking their lucky stars president trump exists It's been a lot over the way we killed Abu Bakar Alba Daddy Oh by the way I'm day by Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg there the duo behind a new media company called the dispatch it's a platform for conservatives to gather who still feel like there is a conservative movement even if Donald Trump has hijacked everything else whether you want to call them never trumpers trump skeptics or human scum which I believe John is your preferred Monica it was my name in high school so why would I abandon it now whatever you WanNa call them a break from our usual journalists discussion and just hear from Stephen John for a while and what better we have these guys on because we're going to talk to impeachments past and present and maybe a little bit about the Media Business Gentlemen welcomed both of you thanks for having a straight to beer it's totally are entrepreneur the entrepreneurial journalists which means you're you look Unshaven our and you certainly have untucked any one of the sponsors of my podcasts is untuckit modeling behavior the right away with the untuckit guys clearly are for the let's just say the guy that doesn't jog anymore it's all for if you don't like how you look at a Tux shirt I mean then call us yeah so it's really on brand for them to be works it works for us all right let's talk about news of the week and this which is and I wanNA start it this way Steve as your obsession of national security I know Oh well wired you are in on all of these things the capture of Al Baghdadi is this something that the president deserves credit for or did his policies speed spate basically is this because of him or in spite of him that we ended up doing this because the more we're learning the more you realize in this raid almost got ruined by the president's rash decision I mean I think anytime you have a president who presides over an operation like this one he deserves some credit I thought that about Barack Obama gave him a lot of credit I wasn't otherwise much of a fan of his terrorism Paul's what did you think of his prolong speech explaining what exactly the wrong wrong thing to do no I'm talking about Bronco Oh hito sorry they didn't talk about Osama bin Laden whimpering and cry Thomas was three minutes and thirty seven seconds and trump's I think was forty eight minutes was the EGOMANIAC yeah politics by the way yeah his his I thought his speech was House of Obama speech was very effective quiet to the point we are the the mightiest military power in the world. We can do these things we can we can come and kill you in the night and I've said and we'll never more effective way to do it yeah no question look I think I think trump does deserve some credit for for presiding over this operation anytime you have to make that call it's not an easy call to make you do something that you're GonNa get the blame if it goes badly that's right that's right that's what made the Obama thing like well helicopter down we saw Jimmy Carter that ended his presence right right so I think he deserves he deserves credit for that reason and look this was a stated objective of his campaign remember he was GonNa come and kick the bleep out of out of Isis he deserves credit I think for overseeing broadly overseeing that operation my main concern now remember what mission accomplished this I mean it certainly feels like that Barack Obama did that in may have to the net two thousand eleven and what the mistake Obama made was miss was was misunderstanding the killing of the the leader the killing of Bin Laden with the death of the movie went at John Brennan then Obama's top counterterrorism adviser actually gave a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center in which she said this next decade we will see the demise al-Qaeda well the decade is almost up and we have certainly mourn yet more yeah and and Al Qaeda is still strengthening and growing I mean they're actually expanding what presence out Baghdadi hanging out in an al Qaeda correct controlled part of northwest Syria which to me was a huge moment joan why why do Republicans in the foreign policy establishment see right see how disturbing they're to one in Turkey and the influence that the president has their see the disturbance there and don't see it with Ukraine or at least don't want to express that publicly yeah no it's a good question I just one quick sort of parallel or alternative history point on the previous thing recall pick up on Steve's point the Obama Administration was bought into this idea eh the killing of bin Laden is dead GM is alive but that was instead they were they were into this narrative that the warriors over it was managed to the to shrink the tumor don't worry about it anymore and then the narrative that they had to stick to for the rest of the the ministry was every single time there's another terror attack they had to say it's the remnants or some lone wolf or disgruntled and they created this real anger among concern creatives who kept saying why won't you use the word terrorism won't Jihad you get that is the atmosphere that got brought us Benghazi right without Benghazi you don't find out about Hillary's email Server right and so this whole you we don't know where the stuff with trump is gonna go if he picks on when you start pulling on threads you don't think about where they're gonna go weird things on the Ukraine Syria thing I think part of it is that the Siri thing they it is an opportunity first of all on the merits it's just really bad right I mean we can just be clear about that right it's matter a little bit with the Kurds this is I think I feel like this is the mujahedeen all over got yeah when also just have everyone from Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham for ten years saying my idea of strong smart foreign policies the have the Kurds do a lot of the fighting for us we made them all these promises and then we screwed them and a lot of people I think morally feel bad about that at the same time the Siri thing allows a lot of Republicans to say hey look I'm not in lockstep with withdrawn billy defense criticizing him on this stuff but on the Ukraine is it really that big a deal and even though I think in a perfect world the Siri thing is just as impeachable Ukraine thing the way impeachments actually work medically the Ukraine things impeachable serious and what's funny about that is I'm sorry I I am very I I don't like to go down to many rabbit holes because I think too many journalists have I want to see the transcripts why does the air to want power over trump is is I just there is something we don't either we don't no or trump's just taken by one what's your I mean it certainly could be could be the ladder right we strongman we've seen president you know with this affinity for strongman almost regardless of ideology regardless of how they treat the United States doesn't shrink if they treat president trump well we're saying Nice things about saying things private about him he likes that if they treat the United States well that's almost secondary in some respects me he's with Kim Jong UN you've seen it with with air to one I think would be another primary example so I don't know I mean I'd love to see the transcripts to I'm not sure they'll tell us anything more than is already apparent it just seems twice now jona aired one has a call with trump and he's like yeah let's get Syria the first time has to resign right the second time they have to say Mr President we need to protect the oilfields by the way what do we make of the fact that essentially they're telling him a we need something don't you wanna protect the oil and he says Oh yeah I want to protect the oil okay we can have some trips in Syria yeah how disturbing that so I think when the history of all this is written get all the details that the the oil thing is going to turn out to be in effect a sigh up too strong a word this is all about convincing trump Jank they're faking it they're faking trump it is just one of these things that trump understands it's very sad for some for conservatives in the last twenty years arguing that neoconservative foreign power or was it about the oil about the oil now all of a sudden he's like this guy really is about the oil and so is that on the theorem on the thing about trump and his relationship with strongmen I tried regret how to articulate this theory there are people who hang out with movie stars right and they WanNa start thinking that there are movie star to that they're famous entourage like turtle like Oh yeah or like people hang out with really rich people they start thinking that they should live like rich people to that's usually when politicians I I always thought the bog McDonald's scandal was a scandal of everybody's get all of my donors are getting rich how come I don't have money right there's a great speech by Robert Duvall all in the movie the paper where he's explaining Glenn close so that just because you're hanging out with the rich and powerful doesn't mean you're one of them and people start overspending I think there's a thing about trump that he is so enamored with strong men and they're they're also doggedness and in so intimidate aided by them in a certain way and wants to be confused for one of them that when they make an ask he wants to show off and say the sure I can do that 'cause I'm I'm i`Ma leader like you I'm as strong as you are I'm not interesting not running just one of three branches of one of our fifty-six governments in this country I am in fact the man the man right and by the way I'm rich too but it's it's a chicken or egg question remember he was doing this during the primaries for that famous that famous I think it was a morning show appearance where he was praising Putin for for taking such a strong for Jilin journalist still you know by the way.

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