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Jerry says i'll be sitting fifty feet high on a drilling rig listening to the game might i'd be tempted to jump if john don't does down week one and for those that might be in the live chat for the first time when we talked about isaac with his comment at the beginning you gotta you gotta understand that we love isaac. Isaac is donated the juju smith schuster jersey that we gave away so when we said that the isaac like come on good man it wasn't a problem we trust me. We don't have brown with isaac is explained. Thank you isaac. Please don't jump now. This is a family. We <hes> we you bust ask we bust on you. Trust me bust on each other. That's why there's a forty five year old anyways. That's what i was gonna say hanwha wealth and risk injury in order to try to kick off field goal for me in terms of superstition nine o'brien noses says i always wear whatever jersey like. He said that they they wear saved. Colorado drive put on the color russia's brian suv graciously gave me <hes> although although i had to change it at one point and it was year whereas those a year where i was actually selling my house it's i was living my mother-in-law's house and i didn't have my jerseys accessible astle to me side where a steelers t-shirt turns out. I couldn't wear a black steelers t-shirt because they would always lose. It had to be a yellow one or a grey one jerseys dag. My brother got me a pair of steelers zuber's talking zuma's. I'm really thinking about because my wife hates them. I won't even want me to wear them around the house <hes> so i'm thinking about wearing those things every game and to the grocery store everywhere shohei but a for go yeah. You already talked about so for me. That's probably what i'll end. I don't know what i'll do. I just have a jersey guy anyone that is me. I have one jersey ben rothlisberger all my jerseys jerseys away home throwback color rush. They're all number seven. That is david our talking about this earlier so that number two he said. What do we have to wait for his mason rudolph when the backup job. What are we waiting for and i said he's got to play in a regular season game and he's got to play well. I'm not talking allow. Josh dobbs throwing one pass baltimore for a first down and coming off the field. I'm talking about ben gets dinged up. He's got an ankle injury. Macy's the guy if he goes out wednesday hey brian. I'm calling you saying that gives dave would you would you pull the trigger earlier than that. I don't know it's a little bit because i think i don't know i mean honestly if you were saying let's do it. I'd be like yes. We're we're both going to do it and we would both debut them at the same time on the same podcast so if you said yes i'd be in but i also understand your get your hesitation because i have a couple more jerseys than you do not i. I probably only have ten percent of what brian does but <hes> yeah. I think i have five so it would it. I'm i'm really picky with as well. It's tough and i get that. I know that i have not unveiled yet and if i'm waiting for the the right time but i bought a pair of you from the steelers a used pair of b._j. Fini's i have a picture of them big picture. I'm thinking this is a three hundred twenty pound man. This is a big guy and he's huge. I'm thinking me though the fitness that was thirty pounds go. I dropped thirty pounds cents so i'm hoping to get them out and start wearing them and the noth- looking lewd because i've guests over as long as you're going to wait for the games. Oh that's why i bought them. I wanna wear. I am not going to your house for games. I wanna see anywhere near this. It's amazing amazing. I mean smaller than what i mean. I weigh a lot less than b._j..

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