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I. I didn't remember that. Steve had been around the early. First of all steve miranda's person they are. You know meant he's a bartender. Remember how they did. They meet out of his work. I think yeah. I think so. I think they met when he was worried. Gay and they just had the they came together they fit and then they just got together and stay together. It's like most shows will have like a couple bad is very like will they. Won't they and a couple that they get together. They stay together. And that's like a miranda. And steve are like the chandler monica of the situation like there there together they get together. They stay together. They're stable. Their problems are like normal relationship problems. I do think it's very strange. That miranda's like mo my favorite thing to do on a saturday night. Is his laundry like that. Like back also. I believe this steve cheat saw miranda right i sex in the city movie. Yes he saved. That steve cheated on miranda and they are split up and that is why the first section city movie is bullshit and is not lake. Stevens rand during the show adult. I'm pretty sure it's just in the first movie. Like he would never like is always presented as like the stable guy brings like miranda till like normally when she's freaking out and then they're like oh yeah. They broke up and he cheated on her. I don't believe it. I don't i it and it's fake. I hate steve. Why do you hate steve. he's annoying. I wouldn't want to be friends. With steve blake. I can't remember andrew like mostly Except for the weird. Apparently he stopped wiping his ass. Yeah yeah that's a little weird. That's that's a famous Sexist city moment. I think where that miranda. She's having fun. Doing laundry and zola she discovers skid marks his tidy. Whitey's yeah this thing. Like i in some girls groups on facebook and people will post about like. Oh yeah. my boyfriend doesn't wipe his ass. And i'm gonna just say this to anyone listening small way damn ask the day like what's wrong with you and second of all at the very least if you can't bring yourself to wipe your ass on dan laundry like hell is wrong with you just goofy goofy. I'll say that. I don't think i don't think any of i started in like p. She and she grow on me a little bit look. I don't hate her. She's not on my list listening last. I mean we've gone over this. Paul giamatti kevin spacey but he's canceled swells scott. Everyone's hate last. I.

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