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Radio 7 85.9 FM. A tweet cost someone the possibility of a seat on a county board in the suburbs will tell you about that coming up after traffic and weather together on the AIDS at 18 years, bowed Iran. We thought some pretty slow traffic North bound I 57 slowing from Balmer up to I 80. That's where we have a crash involving a semi Everything is on the shoulder, though we're still seeing delays North bound 57. Once you get to I 80. It's all clear from there into the Dan Ryan and back. The Bishop Ford isn't all clear, 15 minute drive as well. From 80 94 on the Dan Ryan and back out the Edens. Okay, both in and out bound on the Kennedy, the inbound side of soul from Canfield, Lawrence Addison of Florence in and from the Humber. She tumble into the burn interchange when you put this altogether 29 minutes from O'Hare into downtown 17 and from the junction, both in local and the express lanes Thie Kennedy up out is okay. Eisenhower inbound 37 from around 3 90 24 minutes and from Mannheim delays, Manhunter First Avenue and from central independence. A report of a crashed on the in bound side independence. The outbound side. Ninety's Alright Stevenson inbound. Slow past central to Kedzie, and as you approach the very heavy ramp to the end down Dan Ryan, 37 minutes from 3 55 27 in from the Tri state, the outbound Stevenson's All write the damn writing down 27 from 95th. Downtown. Outbound is okay. 57 as I mentioned North bound, heavy from before Volmer up to before I 80 with the crash, Mother has someone on the side. No lakeshore drive South found issues north on the driver's seeing delays from soldier field to Roosevelt, the tri State Tollway North Council approaching to 90 but the South bound tri states in great shape. No delays on the Jane Adams on the Reagan told me both directions. Around 47 roadwork blocks the left lane scheduled until six this evening, 3 55 around 53 along with 80 looking good. 80 94 I 65 in the Indiana toll road, all moving at the speed limit right now. Do you have an issue in McHenry, though around 31 remains blocks around 1 20 all because of an overturned semi, so police right asking to avoid the intersection, Use US 12 around 47 instead. Next traffic report at 8 28 news Radio 7 81 5.9 FM. We have sunshine in Chicagoland really Beautiful day, heading up to a high of 89 degrees. No rain in the forecast until.

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