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Single mom worked his way Driss in. So if I wanted a candy bar or a better baseball glove usually add to round up the mind with because you needed it. If it was anything special you wanted, you had to do it. It wasn't like me that I did it for passion. You did it because you had to. Did you then find the passionate? Did you enjoy going door to door? Did you enjoy what. You like about it? I think it was the challenge. You know, oftentimes when you're going to do something, I think the world is set up to tell you all the reasons why won't work out. Not that they're against you, but if you say, hey. All right. This book you're gonna. Everybody is hard to get public exists. Is that I mean, oh, cool. I'm glad you're doing it, but they've just given you a hundred reasons why you should. And I think just kind of overcoming that challenge is always been exciting. You know, like. Room told me I can't do something that would fire you up instinctively, that's who you are. Yeah, I think there's a little bit, you know, I think having a being skinny, red air, I think you're always kind of looked at his underdog was big verse for the basketball team or baseball team. I think always a kind of trying to find my spot. It seemed like that was kind of an easier direction ago. You know, when I is to personal, ask you if you were dating earlier or if this was an issue, what's is it too personal to ask you whether you a game as a teenager or if that was an issue to unknown gated on it off, you know, cutting out a a somewhat of a long term relationship in high school ills his lout like most do post high school, so. Okay. So that wasn't for me. That was a big insecurity. I couldn't do it inside said better, really succeeded business or something because otherwise I'm going to be nobody. No one's gonna like me. All right. So that wasn't for you. And then you ended up getting a job including after you graduated from university North Dakota. You. For cellular one. Is that right? As sales rep? Yeah. The graduated from lineup, state university and then got a job is during the cellular boom. And selling phones before they even head towers. Have we had goals, but anyway, so did that this is ABC in the early nineties right? Early bind if they had towers didn't in the ninety? S? Didn't they have those flip phones? We'll all yeah, they did bag phones in the Motorola flip, and but when they were kind of setting up the towers, you'd go into the market beforehand and pre pre-sales you'd be selling people on before they even at tower. Like trust us, this will work soon. Got it really under bucks of my thirty minutes. How would you convince somebody to by phone that didn't work right away? I think you're early adopter that it was coming. You know, they used to say the difference between salary salesperson a used car salesman was at the cellular of the used car person knows they're lying with us. We are always pointing out. Yeah, I think he got coverage year. This lake in the middle of nowhere of says it on the map, but it's kinda read their imagined. Also back then then if somebody even had a phone in their car, even if they didn't use it was kind of impressive for the person sitting in their car for business meeting or sales meeting or something to just see. This is a guy who's who's going places. He's too busy to get off and get an article. Okay. So you are doing that and then you saw it. This whole cell thing was picking up and again is an entrepreneur inveterate entrepreneur. I think that's the word you went out and started a little side business. What was the side business? It was selling exemplary. So western wireless, which was accompanied own a cellular one, the parent company, which also ultimately fed back aids. Indeed, the day they didn't really have any excess routes. You had the Motorola flip phone brick phone in the bag phone and they didn't really have car and Anna's, it really have of, you know, too many car chargers in all of the, you know, the billion dollar industry this bell now cell phones..

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