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When we succeed together. Practice kindness for yourself and turn that into compassion. For others. There's a light at the end of this tunnel, and your job is to eliminate it for others. Class of 2021 with you at the helm. I know the future is bright and the best is yet to come. I'm rooting for you and I'm celebrating you. Congratulations. You're listening to one of the most shared and most listen to podcasts on the free I heart radio at this is Sunday podcasts. I hide radio. Now. Traffic on the Patriot Am 11 50. In Corona 15. South that we're looking at an overturned wreck that has emergency crews blocking all lanes stopped up traffic from hell. Cho traffic getting by just on the shoulder. You're looking at a 20 minutes A lay down He five north from Lakewood to Paramount. That's a full closure work, so all lanes are closed until five A.m. Malibu Highway 27, both north and south between Pacific Coast Highway and Mulholland Brushfires. Topanga Canyon, closed in both directions. Pacific Palisades Ongoing Fire Pacific Coast Highway south between two Mescal Kenyon and Channel wrote that has the right lane. Shut down. This report is sponsored by Rush Limbaugh. The man Behind the golden EI Be microphone. Rush Limbaugh, the man buying the golden EI Be Micro felt a new podcast hosted by James Golden. Known.

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