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I'd like the smoking jacket. That's just not gonna fit like I I would like the smoking jacket. I would like to really cool. That'd be perfect for you. The frog. And I'm going to human resources, by the way because you came in here waving that thing around and the frog to. Look great living room. What about the acrylic sculpture of a bottle of baby oil? The painting is pretty cool to him standing between two two stone marble busts. It's incredible. Oh, wait a minute. The frog the fr- the phallic frog is the set. That's a set that could fetch one hundred fifty dollars. Okay. Now, you've got my interest. That's a stocking stuffer. There's also a sculpture fair faucets. Torso. Sculpted by faira faucet herself. Get out of here. What's that going for not exactly sure we should send a correspondent out and make sure we can get Dan at least one of these gifts? So Farah faucets. Torso is up for sale. I mean, a sculptural. Wow. What do you guys think it will cost the portrait of the of of Hugh posing with stone lions like I do think I want some of these things I certainly don't want any baby oil from Hugh Hefner south. This is I mean, it's a sculpture it's the skull nothing nothing related to baby oil, nothing nothing. Doc. No, thank you, the Boris Karloff. Autograph to magical, that's weird. Right. Well, it seems like he wants the frog set. I mean. Then Gundy in with us and the Reuben foster stuff, I wonder what you make of that. As you see as we turned serious here. And you see Reuben foster for many of you the name is associated maybe with being a football player, but more with oh this dude, that's always in trouble with the domestic dispute until his name is synonymous with this. And the last incident the forty Niners simply said enough your talent, we don't want it anymore. It's a lot. But we don't want it. And then of all the teams making claims only Washington got in there making a claim with a body that had just been dumped in the street with a domestic abuse charge. You saw that happen. Your thoughts were what? Well, look, I think that. In pro sports. We can't expect the teams to be the I don't even think it's preferable that the teams be once handing out disciplined for stuff off the court. I mean, first of all the teams don't we don't have our own investigators in and you don't really know what happened. I think you leave it up to the to the legal system and you concern yourself with the team in terms of his play in his behavior within your organization now if something's proven that's a whole different thing. But to just say that no one should pick this guy up because there's another accusation against him to me doesn't make sense. Oh, so you're going the other way on that one. You're saying that all of the team that Washington should have. No shame in having picked up Reuben foster. Even though no one else in the league. This guy is talented enough to make any roster stand. You're saying, Dan he'd been arrested three times in two thousand eighteen. Oh, look, and this is not. Stan STAN daughter and stand his is sophisticated on on matters conversationally about domestic abuse. So what stand is doing here is he's talking about the teams legislating morality, right? That's the distinction. You look to me if this guy has, you know, if it's been domestic abuse, then he should be punished, and that's the function of our legal system. I just the problem. I have with the team's doing it is the teams aren't set up to investigate things like that. And unless he's come to them and said that he did it and just admitted it so that there's no doubt about it. I don't know what the teams are supposed to do. That's not their function. If this guy isn't been convicted of anything nothing has been proven. Why shouldn't a team pick him up? And why shouldn't he be allowed to work? But STAN you have a team which employed him that was very close to him. He was in their locker room..

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