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Three PM on news radio kale BJ you're listening to the best of Todd and done on newsradio kale BJ now while the uptake in violence in downtown Austin has been very unsettling for a business owners downtown Gabrielle blue seal she owns a a night club downtown called Gatsby she tells CBS Austin that things have gotten a whole lot worse in just the past four months we are very sad and worried because we do have a lot of employees a lot of people that come visit us then you know it's becoming very unsafe she says that they had a couple of you know double or triple amount security around her business because the things just so scary she says she hopes a larger police presence promised by the police chief will make a difference and that's when that begins this weekend according to the police chief well she's down there in it every day and those of us that are downtown every single day still get the feeling just based on what we're hearing and occasionally saying that it is less safe and and so I'm gonna trust she knows what she's talking about she's a ground zero every day you're listening to the best of Todd and done on newsradio kale BJ LBJ. works prisons coast to coast eight and the best George Noory have you got your mobile phone and you.

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