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Communicate her, even though it's part of telling you the hard things part of it is all of these other items. But we still need to focus in on these cell. When I say, good communicator, I mean that, that IT professional must be able to explain some of the basic things for you in plain English. There's no techno babble. There is no Juergen. There's no like diff. Phrases or words that you're listening to you go. I know those words and I don't understand how they work together, and I feel like I'm watching Star Trek it shouldn't be like that. Additionally, they should be interacting with you. They should be checking in to ensure that you understand, but they should also be showing signs that I it. They understand you that they understand your problems. They understand your goals. How do we how do we know this? I can't go in elicit this I should be hearing back in the same things that I've said I should be hearing, the same concerns that I've expressed I should be hearing back, what I want to hear this if I'm interviewing them, so you see how that works. Yeah. I do that a lot so problem-solver. Now, you have problems and your IT professional should be able to solve those. But you want to look for how they have overcome issues that are similar to yours, you want to look for creativity, you want to look for that imagine nation that outside of the box, thinking you also want to listen, you wanna search for a background of similar clients that have similar concerns that have similar issues all of these things should be indicating that this person, right? Here is going to be working towards solving, my problems, not creating new ones, not creating solutions where solutions aren't needed and so forth. Lastly experience in what you need. I have a talent of delivering where I have reduced experience, but I'm a quick study. I adapt to situations many technicians, do not most technicians, do not. So you want to make sure that they have experienced you want to make sure that they have a history of providing in a same kind of direction that you want. For instance, if you want to move to paperless, you should find somebody who has an experience with paperless offices. If you want to move into the MacWorld, you should be finding someone who has a history, a long history of Mack experience likewise, you're not going to go to a MAC person for windows experience. So this all matches together this all rings together. So run those back by you.

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