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The boards at center ice hartmann racing you get to it of a coyotes zone act when larsson stepped in front of them took the pocket and fell down behind the net gains got the part for the hawks gains angela wright point ruda he sends it over intended for force affleck's from center icepack packet of the coyotes on it he touch the puk you would have been all sides another coyotes get the fucking mohawk zone normally along the far boards said the park slapped the way by force slender schmalz just sharp he's over the coyote lying on the right wing lost the what go to diverse and he'll put it ahead nick qasem slu passing at the centre rice if a hawk zone and we're at all all lost the puk force lenovo would've had to sharp views over the coyote wind out a left wing hand emerged walk up in both fall pot tumbles behind that adequate larson battling against alex to break it winds it into the near corner cousins will lifted out the center ice clawed away by murphy that an ace off came along and took the parker puts it back in the bihac zone the murphy makes a pass up the right wing did a break it feel showed up at over the center i circle sharp was locked up with the reverse kicks the fuck down the right boards at the coyotes old the niece him off push denver glass behind the coyote net thereby akron larsson who tips the parked in front of his net gazans picks it up and he'll carried a center rice and then cousin dumps the fought over the off talk that off the end boards here together to fall by the put it to the near side demography the fire a pass up the rightwing side john hayden at the coyote blue light beckons the pocket of the old saw bailed square shan moves it added a lock zone here's cannot whether struck villa sorta like crawford got a piece meta may have hit the post at crawford is lost his goal stick when the puck is spun out the center ice by jordan march proffered playing without a goal stick its way over in the far corner partner put the puck wind nonhong net murphy spencer round up the near side we get a.

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