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Leading this visit after the work that we did in Guatemala and Mexico. The vice president will give a more detailed briefing at 11. After touring the Border Patrol station at El Paso. Elected officials from San Diego are calling on the federal government to remove pandemic restrictions at the border. Imperial Beach mayor surged to Dina says more than a million vaccine doses have been sent to northern Mexico, hopefully moving up the timeline for the border to reopen. Our businesses are suffering, and especially in the South San Diego that we're really connected to South San Diego, but there's been hundreds of businesses that have gone out of business and our vision. Filled with folks from Mexico on the weekends, restaurants thing at the hotel and looking for clean water. Ironically, so it's really, really important to get that border open Mayor Dina joining San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, National City Mayor Alejandro Sotelo Selous and supervisor Nora Vargas asking the Biden administration to reopen the border to non essential travel for the first time since March of last year. Jacqueline News. Several attorneys in Minneapolis expect Derek Chauvin will be handed a 20 to 25 year sentence. The former police officers sentencing hearing is today. Chauvin was convicted of killing George Floyd by placing his knee on the man's neck for more than nine minutes last year. Defense Attorney Joe Friedberg says he believes Judge Peter Cahill will not give show and more than a 30 year prison term. I'm Mark Mayfield, hundreds of childcare providers marched to the state Capitol Thursday demanding the governor take action to provide them with better wages. Max Arias is the chair of childcare providers United CCP You. I'm also proud to be working along with providers at the bargaining table to negotiate the first contract. But after months of negotiations for the state of California, I can tell you child care providers have had enough enough of publicly being told that they are essential but being offered pay that keeps them struggling to stay open. San Diego Senate President Pro TEM Toni Atkins is among those calling for the governor to stop stalling negotiations. She and others say childcare providers serve everyone and are key to the states Recovery. Marilyn Haider KOGO News the city of San Diego, ordering a hoarder in bay terraces to clean his property up. A court has appointed a receiver this week to take charge of clean up and rehabilitation efforts of a home in Southeast San Diego with piles and piles of garbage officials say the home is a potential fire hazard. And as an example of extreme hoarding, neighbors first began complaining about the home back in 2018, and they say the home has been without running water for two years. The receiver will manage cleanup efforts and help the homeowner Receive counseling. Eddie McLovin KOGO news. If you're thinking we're going to the beach in the South Bay, Don't officials have closed the shoreline south of Seacoast Drive in I B all the way to the border due to sewage contamination from Tijuana. Signs are posted warning people not to enter the water. The beach closer will remain in effect until testing sample shows the water is safe again. Bad habits. Sleep time. Nice. Ed Sheeran is back. He released his first single in four years. Today. It's called bad habits, and he released a music video for two. It's the first single of.

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