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The primary eulogy delivered by the forty first president's son. Former President George W Bush the man couldn't stomach vegetables. Especially broccoli. And by the way, he passed these genetic defects along. With the state funeral over. Bush's casket has been flown back to Texas he'll lie in repose at a church in Houston for a memorial service tomorrow and the private family funeral will also be attended by CU. President Bruce Benson and his life. Marcy. I just think that he is an honest, caring guy. Well, when he broke the promise read my lips. I mean, he's he knew this was what's important for the country, and I'm gonna do this. And I'm going to take over. This thing Benson spoke with CBS four. He was a fundraiser for George Bush while MARCY worked in the Bush White House. See you has a new football coach the buffs hiring Georgia defensive coordinator. Mel Tucker coach spoke on Lewis and Logan about his philosophy for winning most. We have to be conditioned. Our foundation won't be technique and fundamentals. We'll play smart we'll play fast, we'll play physical Tucker's coached at several premier college programs and also in the NFL just exactly what the Broncos did not need starting wide receiver. Emmanuel Sanders now on injured. Reserve after going down in practice today with an apparent achilles injury. Coach Vance Joseph we can cry about it. We have to move on and go play football game on Sunday. Sanders was scheduled to undergo an MRI to.

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