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Eight eight three two one six zero zero one the bulk of this hour will be you and me on the phone and vague david in missouri is holding over from ending the last hour i need to bring you some very quick updates year then david and coming back you and i've got to get to north korea because is this more stuff happening with north korea the latest assessment out of a florida hurricane earn a ninety percent that's nine out of ten buildings in the florida keys are damaged that's very bad edith windsor desert name ring a bell either windsor ecb windsors what everybody's call your edith windsor was the plaintiff she was the plaintiff or one of the plaintiffs in the marriage equality case of 2013 that ended up getting us a supreme court ruling saying gay marriage is the law voyin edith windsor was one of the plaintiffs she does died today at age eighty eight so as i just put it up on social media and put it in our blog she did something meaningful it will outlive her life for very long time edith windsor may have died but her fighting for the cause will live on long after her death right she is yes he leaves a legacy marriage equality all right and then speaking of the supreme court now we move from marriage equality to the travel ban yesterday i brought you the senior legal analyst news that anthony kennedy one of the nine supreme court justices the one responsible for the ninth circuit on the west he overruled the ninth circuit when they ruled last week that refugees who had been given a one responsible for the might circuit out in the west he overruled the ninth circuit when they ruled last week that refugees who had been given a promise of resettlement in the united states refugees who were in the pipeline that they could continue their uh their their journey as such as it is despite the trump travel ban anthony kennedy overweight then said no no no no no if you already refugee and uganda promise from a resettlement agency you can't come in that part of the.

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