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Pit road. It's still to workout form. They probably be passing Kevin Harper like 10 laps to go or something that hurt Bush made to stop just a moment ago. Also, Benedetto made a Pitstop. But now we're seeing number one and number two on the race track. That's position one and two come to pit road here comes true, Lex. He's going to make a stop in cellars, Kyle Busch, but true exes in Let's Cover it. No wrenches back student will nose down in a way. Very quick! Stop! Ah! Bush! It's now number four. The crew's going to work on the right side of the Eminem's Toyota. He's got a throwback to one of the earliest paint scheme of Elliott Sadler, who was the first card of Victory Lane for Robert Tracey. Four tires. He's gonna get out behind Martin through Extreme pit board is out for their third teammate. That's FedEx Toyota. Any him? Well, he just had a truck trouble moment. Just a moment ago, we tried to get the pit road from the outside lane turned 3 20 transition to the bottom. He came across the nose of Jimmy Johnson. Jimmy almost turned him in three. Hamlin was beyond the commitment lines and he had to make another lap. It's spectacular call by Mike Bagley Exactly what happened. We all saw it here in the broadcast booth. Denny Hamlin, his chance to win. The Southern 500 may have.

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