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You get the right texture. How how you spray it? On the hill there must be a lot of logistics and infrastructure. Involved in that's right and I assume he had some experience with that at big bear with you know northern California have needed artificial snow at at the time so years of experience artificial snow and he's obviously one of these guys who thinks this is the future and while he was visiting his parents Sorry his wife's parents big difference. It is and they shouldn't be the same people even Oklahoma home during this visit he got to talking with. His wife's parents started doing some math and he realized that although the the weather in Oklahoma is moderate that with artificial snow. You don't need to many freezing temperatures. He decided that if he just had ten nights where the temperatures drop below zero he could operate a ski resort for thirty days on artificial snow really. Once once temperatures interest fall below freezing it would only take eight hours with the system. He had in place for like eight hours to cover five acres with five inches of snow and and then if the temperature went up to thirty seven degrees he could maintain wouldn't be enough to melt. Yeah I guess that five inches gives them enough of base as that he can maintain and so all he needed was a suitably hilly spot and he felt like he had the snow making apparatus to run a ski resort in Oklahoma and of course northeastern Oklahoma is kind of hilly so he starts driving around in Chile. It's gotta be and it's got.

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