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It's for the reasons you were stating earlier water where you're saying, you know, because that is what is best for the past the Bears If he works out, you know the team's gonna rally behind them. The city would if he truly did turn it around. So why wouldn't you root for that? And that's what bugs me about the poll question because Your written one way or another. Of course you want whatever quarterback is going to run the offense. That's that should go without saying any bears fan is just gonna want them to win the Super Bowl. I don't think we all need to keep qualifying ourselves whether you're you whether you want folds in there or you want Travis Keone there to qualify yourself by saying, Oh, well, I'm a bears fan. I just want whoever is going to be court that obvious the caller before you just told you he's rooting for Mitch and didn't want nickels. I loved his rationale. That's exactly the same space I'm in. I said. It's a crisp, black and Adam down. You know, they're always saying that I say two things I said last year, but just with Mitch for one more year or just completely wiped with play point clean. I don't like the half measure stuff. And Nicole's could potentially be a half measure. If he does, you know, just in his career art. He's not a guy that is gonna you know, we've seen we know who Nick Foles is What the question is. Who is Mr Vicky? If you have a bus? I don't think not Not willing. Okay, but I'm not willing to sit around and waste another year of a defense. That is his good brought Nick Foles them because they can't waste that have anymore. But let's not pretend like this isn't a quarterback competition because everybody's like acting like it's in a bag for falls. It's not. It absolutely is not or else. They wouldn't be calling this a quarterback competition neck for the last time he wanted game. The NFL was the play offs two years ago in Soldier Field. It's not like this guy and I know there's nobody's pretending like he's Joe Montana Besides Mitchell and explains what it just the fact that Mitch has a shot here and for you for me or Kaplan or anybody else to be rooting for Mitch. That should be an indictment Shouldn't be something that you get browbeat about. You know, for the collars today, you some really defensive today. No good black. You got the new guy in here? We got to set some ground rules. Does he soon? Hopefully, defensive today to you or shots fired. Very argument. Oh, I stick up for miss because he's like my child. That's not the truth. At all. Of course. Now that everyone's gone back and forth asshole ofthe dragon rags rags. Let me ask you two questions here right? Two questions. 11. Is it in the best interest of the bears to have the best quarterback who plays in training camp? Start for them. Of course, that goes to number number two. If it's true whiskey, will you not gloat like he's one of your Children? I am going you only because you guys have given me so much crap when I was right about minutes and the Bears in 2018. I didn't gloat anyone anyone I was due at right around camp, telling everyone how great all the players going to be three. Anthony Miller. Oh, and they were dancing and having fun and out, everybody that was never gonna be. We're gonna be great, and there are 2020 Even in 2008 to Goodyear. I mean, that was the most fun here we've had in the last 10 years. So I take it you're right. But you should have done the defense of dance because their defense was historic. Essentially, I'm not just a Mitch fan. I mean, I know that's kind of what we do on this show, but I'm a Bears fan. So of course, I mean, it was excited about the entire team that's like that's why we're bears fans. That's why we voted See your degree that we just want the guy who's best team to win. That you go without saying now the routing question is like I said, there should be no third option. You're allowed to root for one of the other. That's what a quarterback competition we've been through this. How many times has it or one of the other there, they'll play for the same team for the CNN for the laundry. That was good. What did you just come a loud mouth? I didn't. I didn't say that. Did you see him aloud? Mouth? No. Nobody. So I didn't say that Got dragged. You allow. That's fine. I am allowed mouth. I practice that on here now. So we got all you guys interrupt with some MBA news, Thie. The Miami Heat have beat the Indiana Pacers 1 13 to 101 started cup brags off there, but we just had to get that MBA news in there that it's brought to you by Kia and brought to you by rivers. Five rivers, So Jimmy Butler gets the one I think he had, like 28 in Game one, Milwaukee lost Orlando. On another football note for you. How about this? Just last week, Brett Farve said he would love to see Aaron Rodgers in a bear's uniform tomorrow. Bread far will join Carmen and his old teammate Yurko at 11 o'clock right here on ESPN. 1000. So I want them to really dig in on this one. Maybe Brett would join the Bears may be the best option. Do Waddle. We've heard rumors about Nick Foles. His bigness was it confirmed today. I'll play for you next on ESPN 1000, Chicago's home for sports..

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