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Real get rational yet. Rick the Rick under show. Welcome back to the reconquer show. Now, if you listen to this program, you hear the word Lordstown come up quite a bit y'all know from Youngstown, Ohio Ono union guy. And you all know that I've been pretty disgusted by what happened in my hometown. With the closing of the Lord's town plant, one of the people who I have watched fighting mightily, and that's the only way I know how to put it because I've been watching with this guy has been doing. I'm talking about David Greene. Who is the president of UAW local one one one two he the union leader who looks after the people who were working in the three shifts at the Lordstown plant who are working no longer, David one. Thank you for coming in today. Thanks for having me. Rick. It's my pleasure. I, you know, we'll talk a little bit later about the attack that President Trump decided to go against you with. I don't know. I thought you did the right thing by basically not taking the bait. But I wanna start with something that happened yesterday. The president coming down pretty hard on the international association of fighter fighters firefighters because they chose to endorse. Joe Biden, the president making the point that, you know, what union leadership is always for the Democrats, but union membership or that's a very different story. I am curious from your perspective. Is that true? Do you see a split in union leadership around the country, and you know, who they may support traditionally Democrats and the membership. Are they going another way? Traditionally democrats. Yeah. But our local union we have endorsed Republicans in the past. And and you know, our biggest thing is looking at how people vote if they voted in support of working and labor working folks labor issues, then we will support. Right. So it doesn't really matter. What is next to your name? We did have a lot of members. I think flip over the last presidential election voted for Donald Trump. Whether they didn't like Hillary, or you know, he came to Youngstown and talked about, you know, all these jobs or coming back. Don't sell your house that everything's gonna be great and huge wonderful. We haven't seen that. So I I'm real curious to see in twenty twenty. I think the flip is going to go the other way. Well, that that leads to the next question. I was going to raise absolutely true. We all know that Donald Trump showed up in Youngstown showed up Lordstown if I'm not mistaken. And made that pitch. We've all heard of where he said don't sell your house's don't lead the area. Things are going to be beautiful. And of course, things did not turn out to be beautiful at all. Now. The the numbers show that both Trumbull county and Mahoney county did go for Trump in the last election. I think in Mahoning county the first time they had gone Republican in God knows how many years, and as you talk to your friends, your union members is this the censure getting that maybe they feel that they were taking in a bit and Mike go a different direction in two thousand twenty. Yeah. I think that that's some people are definitely going to be switching years for other people. It's hard to talk about, you know, it's I don't know if it's your personal preference or guy part of it's like an ego thing. Right. So got your guy. You standby mill matter what. But when they walk into the voting booth, I think people do something dramatically different interesting. Let's talk a little bit about Lordstown is the factory still operating. Or is it now are all three shifts gone. All three ships are gone. As of March eighth Fisher last day. The last shift there were people in there for about three to four weeks building, you know, service parts goods doors fenders for people who purchase cars, they get an accident. You know, GM union Lordstown made replacement parts for their vehicle. War. We're done doing that now and just cleaning clean and a lot of stuff out cleaning out the plant is that people are going in cleaning out now. So yeah. Like out there working right now. And and I'm on a four truck, and we're taking stuff outside scrapping on things that are leftover. That's just kinda sad. Well, you know, it's interesting David people relate to you. They hear your name around the country as the union leader. But I don't think they realize that you work Lordstown and you're losing your job to. Yeah. Yeah. I work in the actually in the plant. You know, part of the the agreement is when there's unless than five hundred people I'm on a job. So I'm on a job most days, and, you know, down into done when you know, probably in the next month or so I'm gonna be laid off. And I guess my hope is that I don't have to transfer that I can wait this thing out. So we get some future product allocated here. Let's talk about that. What are the what what's the prognosis? Is this looking like. The GM might come around to put something else in there. I think they I really do believe that some product is gonna come into the plant. I don't know ski a truck or an electric car or something in between. But it doesn't appear to me that they are closing it up to sell it. And I know that they have had some offers, and and none of that has been viable. So that leads me to believe that they do plan to do something there. But they're holding all that very close to their chest. If you just joining us, we're speaking with David Greene who is the president of U A W local one one one two in Lordstown, Ohio Lordstown, of course, the factory that General Motors has shutdown. Just disappointing to say the least. But kinda made a liar out of the president who would showed up Lordstown to say don't sell your house's. Don't leave town things. They're going to be great here and son of a gun away. They go David how how is it going? I know how difficult things are in that part of the country. So I assume that you're seeing. A lot of the members of your union looking for other work now. Now, the steel industry is affecting gone from that area. Now, we got one of the biggest employers GM Lordstown going from the area, maybe hopefully staying out where people going to find jobs. Well, right now, we've got our WGM workers quite a few of them are transferring. So they're looking at going to other locations, we've got quite a few people getting pushed to Wentz Ville, and you know, Michigan spring hill, Tennessee, bowling green. We've got people who are transferring all over the country right now. Now, we also represent folks from lead sanitation and Magnus seeding Jamestown industries. These people have nowhere to go. So they're trying to eat or look for a job or go back to school through THE are a program. We're trying to get them retrain. So they can get back back into school. Get some new. Certificates to either be a welder. Whatever is they're interested in doing interesting. I want to get into with you the future for the American union movement. But I think I want to say that for our next segment. So so let me ask you this when these people transfer, and at least they still have jobs, but what happens to their homes. It's not the easiest time to try and sell a home in that area. What happens? How does it? Do. They lose a fortune. What happens to them? Yeah. I mean, it's a difficult situation. Do they get any help from GM if they transfer you get a thirty thousand dollars you can receive over three year periods. So they give you a little, you know, five six grand after year, you get a little more money after another year get a little more money to help that transition period out. But it's it's difficult, you know, packing up, especially if you had roots here for some people, it's great they're going back home. They were from somewhere else. But for the people from this community yet difficult can care an ailing parents or kids special needs, and all these things it's difficult to just like pack up and go people are doing it. I think they recognize that it is a good job. They do like take a lot of pride. What they do built in cars fixing cars working on machinery, it's kind of a dying art. And in our our members really do enjoy, you know, building things with their hands. It's it's quite quite amazing. All right. Well, let's. Take a break here when we come back David greens going to stay with us. And I wanna talk a lot more about the future of the private labor union movement in the United States. We can to be sure. But is there a future for an stay with us more with David green? When we continue here on the Rick under show one rational.

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