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That's where people would. I think people would really come down hard on on the Ellen. You're there. But yeah, Look, it is again just a testament to people are jumping off a sinking ship here, right? And I mean, I don't. I don't know He can't even win the last two games in a bowl game and then we'll have the same do over where all of a sudden will go into next year. With a lot of it. There's the other mine and my prediction is if he wins. The last three If he wins Kansas State this weekend, which is 11 o'clock game. By the way, the net a move that up I thought it was 2 30 moved into 11 a.m. rates, right. So my tee time significantly, so if he wins, the two regulars and the ball I think he stays because it's gonna be hard. Really? Yeah, it's gonna be hard to to fire a guy to pay him off $15 million Unless You've got urban Meyer in your back pocket. Unless you have urban Meyer. If you have urban Meyer in your back pocket, he's going to get fired. If you do not have urban Meyer, what is the taste of people going out and getting the flavor of the week? That's what I mean, if we if we bring him back What they were just they were way never learned when we will be back here a year from now and will start the season probably ranked pretty decently on no win a couple games and then it will be like, Oh, it's gonna happen, and then they'll be three or four games where it's just an absolute disappointment. A 3605 90 What do you think? What do you think about Sam Cosmi, opting out for the rest of season quitting, said says quitting. He quit 51283605 90. We'll get into the Tom Herman press conference when we return sports talk. Just getting started here on Caleb. Okay?.

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