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By nineteen fifty nine Louis. Hewlett's are got out of the orange juice selling business entirely and incorporated, her company as Lilly Pulitzer Inc. I assume she was never sowing the stuff herself. She all she was. Oh, he was the seamstress and, and, and one of the things that made her business explode in popularity was that her old classmate and chum Jacqueline Bouvier now Jacqueline Bouvier. Kennedy was photographed wearing one of lily's creations, which lily later claimed was made from a set of curtains like kitchen curtains that she took down and took some scissors to and made into a cute little frocks. He's really tapping into that kind of inventive Scarlett. O'hara marie-yvonne trap idea of the woman who can today's modern smart woman who can produce a smart outfit out of anything. Well, this may be what she learned at miss Porter's school, right? I mean curtain tailoring one she was learning. A she was learning pharmacy and agriculture and how to take a take a pair of sheers to the curtains and make a dress for Jacqueline Kennedy. But that's a good. That's a real good origin story, though, to have that in your arsenal like today, internet companies famously make stuff like that up and will lie and say that they're just wanted to sell his Pez dispensers. So he invented EBay, just so there's a one line hook that might make the Wall Street Journal. Well, this was I mean, this picture of Jackie Kennedy in this bolt floral kitchen curtain, dress. And now underwear possibly and almost certainly no underwear. You know, if we're talking about talking about my horrid story. You're just imagining. Jackie Kennedy with no underwear before I imagined Jack be with no underwear. I was just a normal farm. And then I woke up the next day, and I was a fashion designer Italy. This dress became the must have item of this sort of period. If you were a socialite in particular the Lilly Pulitzer was of your class, and of your time and style..

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