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5 22? Well, we are all looking forward to a fun and relaxing July 4th weekend, but as we've been telling you here the last couple of days, metro says if you're heading down to the mall for the big fireworks show Monday, expect delays of up to an hour and some overcrowding on the trains to and from NBC four transportation reporter Adam tuss joined us earlier and he talked about part of the reason for this and that's fewer railcars or on the line. Well, right now they're only running 8 trains max of those 7000 series railcars. That is way, way less than they normally have. So we're not going to be seeing any sort of capacity increased because of those 7000 series. And as a matter of fact, metro says it doesn't expect to have those full complement of railcars back until later this summer. So for the 4th of July, not going to be counting on the 7000 series to get you around. So that's going to be an ongoing issue. And you know, if you really want to talk about what's going on with those, you know, metro is having to measure the wheels on those trains every single day after their in service to make sure that the wheels aren't pushing out because don't forget guys, they still haven't identified the root cause of the problem with those 7000 series railcars and they're fixed right now is more or less to just see what the railcars look like at the end of the day, measure them and make sure that the wheels haven't moved. Of course, metro will be open from 7 in the morning until midnight on July 4th. 5 24 a longtime employee of an assisted living facility in Montgomery county has been charged with theft here's WTO's Nick guy Nellie. Maritza Ramirez had worked at Marion assisted living in brookville for 14 years and now she's in trouble facing several counts of theft. Montgomery county police say the 57 year old woman as an extensive history selling expensive jewelry at pawn shops, including diamond rings and gold necklaces they say she became the focus of an investigation recently after family members have won assisted living resident reported that multiple items of jewelry in a cell phone were missing from the residents secured bedroom. Nick I Nelly doubled news. WTO at 5 24 now he was one of the most notorious members of 1960s counterculture. Hell's angels founder Sonny barger has died. The death announcement written by barger himself was posted on his Facebook page. Now barger helped found the gang in Oakland, California back in 1957. And he was present at its most infamous moment in 1969 when hells angels bikers killed an audience member during The Rolling Stones performance at altamont speedway. Barger wrote that he had liver cancer. He said he lived a long and good life filled with adventure. Some of that adventure included prison time. Sonny barger

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