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Two tickets to see captain marvel whether you wanted him or not fifty dollars an American Eagle was like basically one way pair jeans t-shirts. So I know do you you shopping shopping with teenage girls in high school in this weeks ago and American Eagle? What's what's that other women girls like sponge to be at our next forever? Erica, neil. Yeah. They're keeping a close, man. Yeah. Structure doesn't exist anymore structure. Was it Montgomery ward? Robot Aimar came out. I mean for one hundred twenty five blocks, we've got four pairs of pants eight sugary rental navy now, I'm definitely sure it was like one of those high high trendy place at the mall, the malls are like, basically dying. Yeah. Just if you buy two of these you get to more if it was like holy shit. You think that you go to sunglasses hut shit three hundred dollars anything about songs everywhere? Then you go to exchange. Get it for seventy five. Now, you're talking about. Yeah. But I'm say the same thing all those hundreds of hundreds of thousands of tickets at American Eagle was giving out. Those were bought it's not like they appeared out of thin air. Whether you went and saw the movie American Eagle bought two tickets to captain marvel whether you win or not so there's a lot of inflated, and it's not like a captain marvel. I'm sure it's not the only movie that's done this. But it didn't have big freaking way, dude. So I believe that those box office numbers are hit to be on Netflix..

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