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And the the it was a big learning careful them because they just didn't want to know too much personal stuff about details. I'm upset me. Normally because I thought well, actually, I don't wanna lie. Some parents don't want to hide from parents. I want them to see if it who. I am not from Huron pretending to be presented for such a long time might hit for so long time from people and to reach that point of revealing myself and being open and honest was was so liberating freeing for me and then half impairments who asking me to not be the open answer not be that liberal. Rating. I mean that's enough feel liberated almost fell as though they were kind of slow pace. They certainly didn't want me to tell the extended family absolutely now they they didn't want. My aunts and uncles and cousins to know because they were afraid of an only the way in which I'd be treated by the extended family, but how they be Australia is there was so terribly worried that you know, my Manson on calls cozine would cut them off. You know, not speech. The Mavericks did that pan out then we'll stay do you at now. Well, now, I mean most my cousins now 'cause like the younger, and they're a lot more per minded Mayan cools draw the not know, my cousins, my cousins of told my aunts and uncles. So it's still something that is kept quiets. But yet MacOS is really cool about to answer some of them McKay. And you know, friends who guy and. Yet. They're up slightly fine. I can say about this stage in life is is things are very very different. My parents are now politically very supportive causes. They support gay marriage and gay quality. I've managed to reconcile my faith with my sexual emotional orientation. So I'm able to be somebody who can still have faith put still be as well. And a lot of the support. I go was online support from. Lots of services like alpha alpha is a Muslim organization they have a chapter in New York in chapter in London, and they've got an amazing website wonderful website. And it kind of it's the full for gay and queer Muslims who looking for answers who who still want to have the conference a faith? But at the same time don't want to have to choose between the faith and the sexual emotional orientation, so really help to law. So yeah, I mean, I've reached that point now where you know, as a fully formed as to think for forms queer guy for forty four than anything else in my life. I'm still and still still be until the live. But that some that I feel I really really sort of happy about. I'm out so everybody now out my ploy amount to all the people. I work with. Item really feel the need to hide anymore because I'd like to do come full circle is to those teachers did for me be an out role model for all the people. They really helped me. So now, it's my turn to kinda give back. So that's why I'm out in all in every situation. I'm in really. Totally come full circle in you. So happy with yourself and your life and he sexually. So if people listening the beginning of your journey, a long journey, isn't it? The people listening in the beginning of the journey. Little snippet advice could you give them to think? It's great listen to others put choose the voices that you keep inside your hats. You don't have to keep all of them, especially self doubting voices. We live in a hetero normative world in which on a daily basis told that we're not normal in social ways or in over ways. What's really useful is to remind yourself that you quiz is positive. It's good. It's wonderful doing that morning formation. To celebrate your Queen. This is so important. There is some great books online. You can go onto websites book websites and gets a wonderful daily. I formation books for three hundred sixty five days a year in which you can really help to do some of the hatch enormous business that that exists in the world. You certainly don't have a problem heterosexual people never have never will do what we do live in a world in which is known..

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