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H. whatever DO a user calling on Gerry McNamara eight six six ninety right I if you would like to get a we would love to hear from you now it goes to the house all right so now here's here's the thing we haven't heard from a March in the did you do we hear from them at all during the day on Wednesday his boss was talking about yeah he's not gonna go along with it which would basically because all of the house have to come back and do a vote I didn't I didn't didn't get a chance I don't know if you did interview on TV I don't get a chance to watch a lot of TV is that it needs you know it's like did just in in my normal day it's just you don't stop you don't stop doing stuff but I just think it will see a lot of TV yesterday I have this on the hill house Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced late Wednesday night he expects the chamber will pass the economic relief bill in response to the coronavirus later this week in a way that will not require all members to travel back to Washington all right I do have an update on a March by the way okay holding the newsmax he says he's against it but he will not block okay and that was eleven hours ago all right this was published I Wednesday afternoon so I'm then in that case it's going to be it's probably gonna be fast tracked up lawyer wrote a letter to colleagues it expects the house will pass legislation on Friday morning by voice vote mmhm many lawmakers are fearful of having to travel back and forth between Washington in their communities a lot of wells to congregate with each other in the capital but they are also under pressure to quickly act on it holder said the passage by voice vote would still allow members who want to show up for the house floor in person on Friday morning to express our positions on the legislation yeah you're so that he and house minority leader Kevin McCarthy are figuring out ways for members unable to travel to still express their positions from afar right so there you go I have a March is on board I haven't heard anybody else scale LC was wild but here have a writing they'll see is her district is right in the heart of a hot spot right there in New York yeah you're right do you do you block it when all the new Yorkers are are freaking out that so many people are getting it you don't want to do that your district you may say that look it doesn't go far enough we're going to still work on Joe's green deal also had no problem with with accion Almazan out well but I got a lot of support inside were district from people doing that this is different when people are desperate and afraid that they're going to get sick and be out of work for a long period of time not that six hundred Bucks a week goes a long ways in York city but well her name was up there yesterday is being and and that's the problem here the problem with voting against it is what you're saying to the average family in that district is which if you're talking you know husband wife two kids single talking three thousand four hundred dollars right on up on your doorstep within the next two weeks right and you don't even have to do anything the treasury department's going to boom yeah it's it's a response it's a it's a refund it acts as a refund right it's it's there right and if you're working it's there right that's why you're not gonna hear many complaints about the bill look we saw this long time ago Americans don't care about death right I don't care about death they don't care about the deficit they don't care about their grandchildren have to pay for it the only focus will be I'm getting cash in the next two weeks and that's why everything else and we saw the idealist out there yesterday and welcome we'll call ourselves part of the idealists out there because we know this is going to come back eventually to haunt the country big time and hurt the country big time and it's wrong what we're doing is wrong that we believe the future generations should take care of what we want to Dayton I'm not talking about the disaster part of the bill right which I understand but just in normal times and if normal times we do this when it comes to disaster times let's not be surprised or outrage when the government decides are Democrats or liberals decide okay let's take advantage of this and do this right let's sneak in more money over here because I do it normal times and nobody's complaining anymore Republicans used to they don't anymore right exactly so like I said it's I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it because when this all comes to you know what I've been running against her for thirty one years now mmhm and the party that I supported Moore has moved in the opposite direction.

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