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Again, with these guys, it's hard to tell if they like Boston or not Taylor hall was always a Boston guy, so that felt more like a sure thing. You also didn't give up much to get him. So that might be another comp. I mean, again, Taylor hall is value was extremely low last year. He also basically said I only want to go to Boston. So that's kind of why you only give up Björk in a second. You're not doing that with forsberg, but maybe you're right, maybe lysell isn't the be all end all of the deal, which would be nice. It was like the broski then that'd be great. Exactly. Yeah, I think if you're acquiring a rental for the bruins, you're only doing it if you've done your homework of maybe it's not a sure deal that they're going to sign a contract right after you get traded for them. But you heard hall all throughout this stretch before he officially resigned talking about how much he loved boss and appreciated it. I feel like they're doing their homework and you're not acquiring a pending free agent unless you know that it's a guy that'd be interested in staying here long term. I don't think you're giving up a first. It's almost like the Rick Nash thing where, again, they gave up that first gave up a lot for him, a guy like lingering, who could sure use now, but I believe the bruins were pretty candid about that, that it wasn't for the concussions. They viewed him as a long-term kind of piece in this window to kind of pay with creature going forward. It just, unfortunately, the concussion issues made him retire. So I don't think they're giving up a lot for a rental if they don't think it's a guy that they can add, not just this year, but in the years ahead. Imagine creatures looking over, I've measured the burns yet forest breeze looking over going. You got four spray you got Taylor hall now. All after I leave, ridiculous, ridiculous. I've got so much money first. I know. Regular season ends on March 9th and then check extra league. Don't forget. So there you go. You might be coming back. Jumping through waivers and everything. But hey, I mean, there's ways you could make it work. I'm just saying, you know, you get forsberg. David Craig comes back, a team like Arizona claims him. You trade a fourth round pick form. You got David krejci with all impostor knock. He got for his work. I'm just saying. So then in that case. I'm joking. I'm joking. I just went on that. There was now that you're on this, then if those, if that was your top 6, we're getting people so riled up with this. But if it was marchand bergeron forsberg, hall, creature Pastrana, I would comfortably say that's a Stanley Cup contender. I would have no issue saying. That's a wagon of a top 6. I mean, again, that's why I don't know how you make it work with yourself. Yeah, you have to do some major challenges. Yeah, it'd be interesting in the off season if you are intent on actually resigning that like that. But you never know. See how far HC however you say that I butchered that pronunciation, but see how far they go. Hey, you never know. Never know. On D and a guy who the bruins have been interested in you wrote about this was hampus lindholm at the Anaheim ducks who feels like he's been on the trade block for like years..

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