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Posting sports byline usa. We launch the network back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. We just had twelve stations. Two hours a night monday through friday and of course now thirty plus years later. We've got the two hundred and thirty five. Us radio stations. You can hear us on sirius. Xm satellite radio. The american forces network. Which i'm particularly proud of since i came from a military family and that's five hundred in one hundred and seventy seven countries and it has been my honor to be able to take the show on a number of occasions over to the middle east as we've been in iraq and afghanistan and in germany as well and not only broadcasting from there and taking some of my friends athletes coaches and managers but also letting the soldiers themselves see what it's like to be behind the microphone and co host a worldwide sports talk show and the one thing. I have found over the years of doing that. Is that there is good as i am in many cases and i can get up off the stage where i'm broadcasting from and walk away and they can handle it. I remember one incident down southern part of afghanistan That we had to soldiers one was an officer. The other was a non calm. And i noticed during the course of them that they had taken off their rank and put it on the table. And i didn't understand that so i turned to our military person with us. I said what's that about. He started laughing. He said ron when it comes to talking sports. There is no rank and one was an oakland raider fan. The other one was a denver. Bronco fan so you can certainly understand what that is like so again. I want to send my very best out to them and tell everybody how proud we are to have them listening around the world. And of course we're heard on iheartradio stitcher tune in cr digital so just about anywhere you can access audio. You'll find sports byline. We're gonna kick things off talking with the author. John wiseman has a wonderful book out called brothers in arms and then another fine author. Jeff perman. He's worked as a columnist for espn dot com and senior writer for sports illustrated and he has authored several books but his latest book is one. You should check out football for a buck. the crazy rise in crazier demise of the usfl. So we're ready to go when we come back. John wiedeman joins us on sports. Byline nen ottaway zimbabwe's broken bunsen burner burns sue south jay southeast asian peninsula. Yes i think the only line we need from you today is drivers who switched to progressive. Could sleepy cool. I just gotta finish my warm ups. How foul throw in the towel. History his switch to progressive today then to ski slalom in assignment. Skin suit. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Mike room for is ready to go like now. Indeed knows unexpected growth. Stretch your business. We dr moore's dermatology practice to keep pace with new patients. 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John first of all when one thinks about the dodgers What do you think of. I while down interesting question because i mean my answer students going you know. And then or and jackie robinson i think those are the first two things and then maybe Depending how old you are kirk gibson comes up but i think if you think about something that goes with the franchise from history from brooklyn to la. I think that pitching tradition really does become sort of a defining part of who the of what the franchise has been on the field. When you think of brooklyn or los angeles what has been the mystique.

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