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Six ten wtvn i'm scott jennings more columbus neighbors say their cars were vandalized on city streets police say more than residents had their car sprayed or keyed in the past couple of weeks in the last couple of days vandals have hit clinton ville german village of marion village anyone who has surveillance footage in those areas as two handed over to columbus police saying congressman jim jordan is a friend of his house speaker paul ryan is also supporting the investigation into former ohio state athletics physician is accused of sexual assault i wanna make sure that that ohio state conducts the review of this doctor and what he did that's important so that campuses are safe jordan's under fire for allegedly knowing accusations of sexual abuse by dr richard strauss jordan is a former assistant wrestling coach at the university and he has strongly denied the accusations governor john casick criticizing the politics of today when speaking this afternoon at the columbus metropolitan club but our political parties have become we're like we're like we're rooting for a football team right for our university we wear red and they wear blue and all we wanted to do is win win win win win win saying president trump is a celebrity and people love celebrities also people felt ignored by politicians led the trumps election in two thousand sixteen sentencing schedule next month for a student who fired a gun inside the columbus iota to school on the city's south side adana of the law he pled guilty yesterday to a firearms charge abdillahi admitted to firing several shots in the building during a gang related conflict no injuries were reported a former aspiring models served prison time for trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband's ex wife tara arbogast pled guilty today and was sentenced to five years behind bars with credit for time served she was originally convicted in two thousand sixteen for the incident where she asked an undercover officer to do the deed but the conviction was thrown out over an error in the indictment language prosecutors reindicted arbogast on a charge of conspiracy commit murder she pled guilty today and pick away county courts it's been a year since we last heard from twenty one pilots but a six ten wtvn ken stevens reports the high eighties ended this morning the cops based band just released two new songs on its website only bad also announced its bandido tour that start off in nashville in october and wraps up on march seventeenth in lisbon portugal no club has stopped for twenty one pilots this time the closest they'll be is in cleveland on october twenty.

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