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To no. No no no not watching that. I mean she gets to taylor swift watching that. I mean listen. Some people were saying well. This is the same network. This sensor jonah and justyn at the super bowl have they totally change the concept of what they think is appropriate while that was a long time oh nipple but to me. The absolutely real janet was a full nipple. You guys wop and a nipple are two different things. Yes i agree with that i. I think it goes back to again. You know what to expect at this. These artists had every expectation that was going to be over the top. In fact i do think. The grammys need that performance I think they're all i think. All the forms were really good but this was the only one that had that. Xjs hunch and top that wild like people are talking about the next one. Hundred percent of them were great. But you're not there even killed even keeled. You weren't necessarily raving about it the next day. This is the one that gets people talking something like that in your show. Then what's the point of having the show. I'm i'm for it. I do think this is the one that most mothers were. Especially if they young daughters you can watch us when you're eighteen later in life please ryan salt lake the first little snippet of it and i was like you know what we're probably you're not gonna watch this one. And then she was like what they're just in their bathing suits. I was like well. I guess you went to the beach. Or honey i don did you guys love last night at the moment when they pantheon saying jay z. Right before commercial break. Everybody was waiting to see them and her award with connects and she was pretending like she was on the phone so she wouldn't have to talk to. Nobody look at her pretending like on the phone. She didn't have to wave at nobody. The camera taking your buddy levin that mask though she was.

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