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O two mourners will gather in charlottesville virginia today daughter the woman who was killed when a car rammed into a crowd of people protesting a white nationalist rally a memorial service for heather higher is scheduled at a downtown charlottesville theater attendees are being asked where purple her favorite color in her memory protesters were back at trump tower in new york after the president reverted back to his previous reaction to the deadly violence saying there is blame on both sides working without the aid of a a teleprompter at a news conference in new york honestly if the press were not fake and if it was honest the press would have said what i said was very nice but unlike you excuse me i like you and unlike the media before i make a statement i like to know the facts house speaker paul ryan says white supremacy is repulsive couder to all this country stands for ryan he is the first republican leader to comment on trump saying tuesday that there is blame on both sides new jersey's democratic candidate for governor former former us ambassador to germany is again seeming to compared trump to nazi leaders speaking with reporters bill murphy condemned trump's covered said he was troubled and noted nazi policies grew over a period of years we should be concerned leadership in washington right now timely jersey first news vitals three traffic in the news this hour now here's new jersey fast travel not too bad as start they are still doing some work on the parkway northbound local lanes 109 up to one six t but causing delays turnpike looks great big problems report on twenty seven or seventy eight still singlefile southbound 295 of exit forty mount laurel and he looked pretty good leaving new jersey with the bridges and tunnels this report brought to you by boost mobile switched to boost in kids who lives with three games of four g lte data per line only fifty dollars plus get up to two free lg ex power phones posed makes it easy to switches switching makes it easy to.

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