Mitch Mcconnell, Ovik Roy, Co Founder discussed on PBS NewsHour - The sticking points keeping the GOP health care bill in limbo


Even as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is move to delay a vote on a republican health care plan there is no let up in the battle behind the scenes lawmakers governors interest groups are all working furiously a handful of key questions may decide the bill's fate among them how many fewer people would be covered and we'll cheaper insurance make it more appealing or would it be to skimpy for too many dr ezekiel emanuel is one of the original architects behind obamacare he's the author of the new book prescription for the future and ovik roy is co founder and president of the foundation for research on equal opportunity it's a think tank based in austin texas he's been a healthcare adviser to republican presidential candidates including mitt romney and we welcome both of you to the program the croat let me start with you we don't have an analysis she eta this senate bill this new senate bill by the congressional budget office but there was an analysis done by the healthcare firm avalanche it is forecasting that this bill would lead to federal medicaid funding reductions ranging from twenty seven to thirty nine percent in all fifty states doesn't that make it understandable why even republicans are still struggling to support this bill there's a bit of misunderstanding as to exactly what the source of those changes to medicaid are there really two major components there's the first which is the repeal of obamacare is.

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