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Lysons one zero zero eight three seven four here's a look at whether from KFI sunny and warm today with highs from the mid seventies to low nineties let's take a look at this crash on the five it's in the city of orange at seven five Chapman Avenue offramp somebody had hit the right shoulder wall here as they were exiting and now they're blocking the right lane of the offramp so slow for you to exit for sure in Carson on the one ten south Torrance Boulevard I'd somebody broke into the right lane I'm not seeing much thought behind it KFI this guy's sponsored by injury attorney super woman super lawyer dot com just **** dishes on some of the ninety one F. pretty super hero hello Sir with the LS five Dr on the ninety one come away from the fifty five fifty seven silver riverside freeway at that point actually but right to fortune over to the I. five it's all good then it changes names it magically becomes the Artesia freeway same number but it's all good that was kind of a long plane problem on the west on the one on seven ten that has cleared not to worry it's very easy drive and look around the corner here there is southbound seven ten before you get down to the wall below there's little right shoulder activities each piece down album somebody out so be careful coming through but a good drive looks like it's gonna stay that way all the way down to the harbour injured in an accident lord dot com Jeff Barr K. F. find this guy this guy helps get you there faster hi robin banks we are doing it hi this is Kevin McGrath president of iHeartMedia Los Angeles California is truly flattening the covert nineteen curve that means together we're saving lives and protecting our medical infrastructure in mid March the governor ordered all Californians to stay home and close down all non essential businesses now weeks which.

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