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This is the with colin cowherd from los angeles only smolar studios love the show once again colin people world cup semifinals on thoughts hotline teen sensation in bombay lee france against them koku in belgium coverage begins tomorrow at one pm eastern on fox or seen it live on the fox sports at france three shutouts in the world cup whoever wins wins one now and not give me a lot of goals in this one belgium i better players france has the better defensively low scoring belgium croatia france belgium england i'm sixty one percent british sean macfarland i in most americans i think around rooting for england we're not we're not we don't root for the french much we'll snooty for our ethos i think historically i feel like kind of have that mixed up but josh mccown has played on ten different teams in the nfl he's been around the lake actually i thought he played really well last year but he's not a great quarterback but there's a reason everybody brings josh mccown on their team if he's available why he's grown up good dude great teacher he's a really valuable player for the jets because they have sam darnold and so the jets got josh mccown he's not our future are present maybe and he's great great with young quarterbacks teddy bridgewater sam darnold so he had a quote this weekend about sam darnold and it's the first thing he said he said with sam he's wired the right way drop the mic that is wildly unappreciated care about your arm i don't care about your feet ally manning has the speed of a batting cage and by the way alex smith and not very big arm are you wired the right way i tell my kids this all the time my daughter i've said what i'm going to tell you is you're not gonna like this because you're young but serious people win make most of the money they get most of responsibility serious people when even in comedy a fun business jet appetite serious about comedy steve martin bill maher jon stewart chris rock jerry seinfeld garry shandling even comedy the people who are most serious about their craft win in hollywood tom hanks his serious after steven spielberg is as serious movie genius serious people win corner office they get the big money a lot of fun bring your dog to work in silicon valley mark zuckerberg is a serious.

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