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He's he's guarding the hardest guy usually at the four position every night. You know, three nights ago, we guarded Tobias Harris and in did a great job on him. You know last night. He is starting to meet who's a good player. And then, you know, me news guarding him in a very defensive player. And so, you know, the match up. There was challenging both ways. You say Stephen guys guys a champion Spar player in winter. And you know, I just I just love the the sort of consistency and toughness that he brings to our team in that starting lineup. You know, it's interesting because all the years that we've spent so many times talking about basketball. I remember reading a recent quote from your quote prior to the season that is well somewhere in October where you were talking about pace of play. You were talking about the three point shot. More free throws. You know, the reset the new rule recession o'clock, you get an offensive rebound shot. Clock doesn't go back to twenty four seconds of goes to fourteen seconds. You will wondering how long does pace was going to last. But you were talking about the high scoring that you would give it up on like the first two games of the season where y'all gave up like one hundred and twenty eight and then obviously, you're shutdown Chicago Bulls, and you said you're going to be interesting to see how this season progress. Talk to me about what the NBA is about right now in terms of pace of play. And what an adjustment it is that coaches and players themselves have to make in today's game compared to what they had to make. Let's say two or three seasons ago. What is it? Like right now, can you break that down force?.

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