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It just made it very interesting on sunday but patrick reed was the golfer who confidently held onto the lead throughout the tournament and it really was able to separate himself from the rest of the guys and secure the prestigious green jacket but heading into sunday the attention was focused on read and rory mcilroy as the final pairing and favorites to win so the conversations centered on which of the two had more pressure placed on them to win and it was intriguing to hear about the mental battle between read and mcelroy with each one deflecting the pressure onto the other person before the final round began mcelroy wanted revealed the heat because of his threeshot lead and the need to protect it and then actually said about read all the pressure is on him tomorrow well then read on the other hand he deflected it back to rory by saying he was going for the career grand slam and the pressure was on him to accomplish that feat each of them appeared to intentionally and strategically deflect the pressure onto the other and we can assume it was to ultimately help them personally play with more freedom and clear thinking believing the pressure was on someone else this concept of deflecting the pressure is actually something we can incorporate into our own lives as we seek god each of us is up against our own pressures stresses worries and challenges but thankfully if we put our trust in god we don't have to deal with all of it in our own strength but can deflect the pressure onto him he wants to take it from us so we can find freedom and have clear thinking the bible says give all your worries and cares to god for he cares about you so today as we experience the mounting pressures of life and feel worn out from trying to figure out what to do let's pause release entrust while confidently deflecting the pressure saw bryce johnson over willing to unpack that thank you so much for joining me today i hope you'll stay connected with us throughout the week on social media and on.

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