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Working always working the last year of her life. She was robbed of their a her joy of working the cecily tyson. I always see out galas in the bits. Thanks mike tyson last year. Relying raptors duck in. Yeah and that's what this is about and how it could have been handled better and earlier to where there wouldn't be so much law so you know my heart goes out to you. My heart goes out to your mother and Your family members in the loss of your father. Gus lease gus lee smith. We honor you. Gus lee smith and we thank you so much for the joy that you helped bring into this world which is known as bevy smith. Y'all let me tell you something. It has been a joy and an honor to have you on checking in and let's continue to check in with each other. I love you. I want to check in with you. All the ma'am michelle smiling face. But i have your music to keep me pumped up an invigorated so i. I'm excited for your book. Bev elation lessons from a mother. Auntie best -i bevy smith. Y'all please support. Please support her book. Not the audio book is narrated by me so you get all the voice all the in the bigger every wing. Can we get the audiobook done. Okay because sometimes they don't come you know at the same amount for all in also one last note your beautiful listeners. No matter how.

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