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They reduced the amount of time of discomfort and that they're in it and so that was really resonated us when we heard that story in that we're constantly going after new categories. We're constantly trying new things. We're not going to be afraid of change afraid of storms and then there's another thing that you can even go down to Having difficult conversations with team members or discussing difficult topics in wrestling with those that can be a storm. And so we don't want to be a cow and sort of walk away from those and prolong how much discomfort there as we want to be the buffalo and go right atom and then the last one is willingness to shovel snow and again that goes right to my dad. Who's the founder of our company when we were much smaller. We get a lot of snow in wisconsin as you can imagine. We have a lot of team members the park on the street. And you'd have to make your way over the median to get to vortex and sometimes the snow would pile up. You know six seven eight feet and he would get their extremely early in the morning and shovel a tunnel to get through to the door seem to trudge through the snow and then he would shovel off all the walkway and of course he was the founder and he's the president of the company so he was willing to do that. Then we need to be willing to you know be humble and to take on any task. There was no tasks that was beneath us so those those are the core values so joe core values obviously an important topic. But were you guys have built is a brand and there's a lot of listeners out there going man i got jobs h fact you know. We're not a brand we turn wrenches. We help people were or passionate. But i don't know how to make this into a national brand which is really what you guys have done. So why is building a brand so important. I think one of the things with building the brand as you need to realize that you already have a brand and you're constantly building a brand. You need ask yourself. What kind of brand at my building and the other thing is that. Your brand doesn't really belong to you. It belongs to your customer meaning that they really set what your brand is so. I think that's the first place to start the second thing though. Is that at least for us and my recommendation would be to get out of the rat race of transactional business so you can just do transactions and meaning a customer choose you give you a service and then we're done and then after that you may get them again you may not and so we knew we had to serve people in a way that they would keep coming back And now we're coming back. They would tell their friends and actually in the beginning. We didn't have a lot of money to advertise and to market so we needed to serve people so well so that we were their preferred choice going forward and one of the phrases that we really look for when we serve people is. I'm a customer for life. I mean it was almost like Taken on mythical proportions here Similar to You know it's a wonderful life. When every time the bell rings angel gets its wings. It's almost like every time somebody says. I'm a customer For life it's almost like you'll bells go off here. That's what we're going for. We're we're wanting to serve people so well and they feel so taken care of that. We don't become a transaction anymore. They become a customer for life I love that and this whole idea of customer service serving the customer. Obviously that's a big part of building the brand but you guys are focused on a lot of other areas as well to build the brand so walk us through some of those. Yeah i think one of the biggest areas is Social media. I wouldn't say we're on the the cutting edge of the world for social media but certainly in our industry and so those were some of the experiments that we recall experiments where we really got into it so we got into facebook and we got into instagram. And we got into doing podcasts. Very very early and we wanted to have a real connection with the customer in those mediums really allowed us to do that and allowed us to shore personality our personalities really mesh well with the customers. It allowed us to entertain the customers. It allowed us to inform the customers and e every once in a while. We don't do it a lot as far as a ratio but we would actually sell the customer so we would do a promotion or we'd highlighted new product but more often than not even a nine to one ratio we're trying to entertain educate inform Just make it a really good experience and just connect with the customer. Yeah i think a lot of businesses out there. You see a lot of the one nine nine. You just see sale stock photo. We've got promo. Here's a business card on social media and what you guys have done and say. Hey what kind of content could be produced. That could really help our customers and our fans really make this a more fun experience. Educate them along the way. Entertain them in get them excited about going to do the things that we love as well and so i. I love that you guys have done that and you you talked about that. A knowing who your customer is. And that's such a key part. You guys have dial that in to a core. So how do you determine that ideal customer and what problems you're gonna solve for them. Yeah and that. That's a great question..

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